Spear of Fate Stoof

I had this done for a while but just got around to writing up the guide. Although this epic is rather easy, something about the quest was just boring. It must be the combination of a faction grind, lack of zone variety, and swimming around in water for an hour. Yup, that’s it. The spear looks awesome though!

Shaman Epic Guide

Snitches get Stitches

Sew yourself up with this 1 – 300 Tailoring Guide!

This is a big milestone as it means the last major trade skill guide is finally complete! I am very satisfied with the progress made so far.

With that said, there is still much work to do. I need to fix the main menu bar (currently hard to see mixed in with the logo), and add more Epic guides. My main focus right now is getting as much content added to the site as possible. Formatting and layout will be fit in as I get time to do it.

I  also plan to allow people to communicate once I can setup some forums that don’t suck. For now, please feel free to message me in game (Kezzan – Agnarr) if you see anything that needs fixed or is unclear. Thanks!