Sigil Earring of Veracity – Part 4

Part 4 of this quest gives you the Arx Key, which grants access to Lord Seru’s area. Part 4 is the only part required if you are going for the Arx Key. You need to complete all steps in order if you intend to get the earring as well.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 5

Part 4

You’ll need to kill four mini-raid mobs in Sanctus Seru. They each drop a “shard” to loot. They spawn on the top floor in the 4 inner temples in the middle of the zone.

Praesertum Bikun = NW =  Shard of the Shoulder
Praesertum Vantorus = SW =  Shard of the Hand
Praesertum Rhugol = NE =  Shard of the Eye
Praesertum Matpa = SE = Shard of the Heart


These mobs all cast a spell roughly every 5 seconds that punts and zones you (loading screen) to the “jail” part of the zone. You can out range this spell when pulling, but if you are too close or are fighting the mob, you’ll get punted.

The general strategy is to pull the mobs to the jail cell in which they punt you. You can see the jail location in the map below. This will allow you to continue fighting no matter how many times players get punted.

Additionally, Praesertum Matpa (gnome) gates, so be sure to mana burn him while fighting. I’d recommended having around 10 semi geared chars at level 65 due to how often they punt. More people would be required in Luclin Era.




Once you have looted all 4 shards head to Katta Castellum and find Elnerick Augustleaf.

Give him the 4 shards: Shard of the Shoulder, Shard of the Hand, Shard of the Eye, Shard of the Heart to receive Seal of Katta and Arx Key!! Seal of Katta is used in the Sigil Earring fo Veracity quest if you are working on that.




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