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Tallon Zek – Plane of Tactics

Inside Plane of Tactics, you will find Tallon Zek. He is  is located in the South Wing of the zone.



Before engaging, make sure everyone has some form of Levitation as Tallon Zek has a Gravity Flux. Also be sure to pull and kill the trash mobs out of the the corners of his room prior to having the raid enter.

Tallon Zek is pretty straight forward. He has a few mechanics to note:

1. He has a frontal AE Cone (Barb of Tallon) that hits randomly between 1250 and 2750. It also has a slow and snare effect.

2. Shadowsteps around the room, facing different directions.

3. Gravity Fluxes frequently, especially on the tank.

4. Casts a PBAE dispel. Bury your levitate buff as much as you can. If it gets dispelled get another one if needed.

5. Melees for about 1,000 at most. His melee is weak and he has a low amount of HP.

The general strategy is that this is a ranged only fight (still have a tank on him) due to his constant shadowsteping and frontal cone with a damage/slow/snare effect, but you can certainly have melee go in to do some extra damage. The main reason a raid would wipe is if everyone got AE’d down by is cone and/or didn’t have levitate. Overall the fight is trivial.

Keep the tank up, Load AE heals, and have the raid spread out so not everyone gets hit at once by his AE.

Hail A Planar Projection for your flag! Click on the door in his room to port back to the zone in area.









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