Agnarr the Storm Lord Raid Guide
Bastion of Thunder

Zoning In

In order to zone into Agnarr’s Lair at least one person in your raid will need to have completed the Symbol of Torden quest. This key unlocks the genital statue so that everyone can click up. If you try clicking it before someone with the key does the gargoyles nearby will aggro.

The Agnarr the Storm Lord event has 3 Phases. All take place on different in different rooms. Askr the Lost will port your raid between rooms once you have completed one.

Phase 1

In the first room you’ll see Evynd Firestorm as soon as you zone in. You’ll also see 3 red portals around the room. These portals are attackable and need to be killed ASAP. They summon elemental fire mobs. Kill all the portals and the elementals. You can off-tank or kite Evynd Firestorm in the meantime. Once dead kill Evynd Firestorm.

Evynd Firestorm abilities:

– Hits 900+
– Rampages
– Slowable
– Casts Flamewall (Targeted AE, -800 HP DoT/-750AC, Fire Based)
– Casts Storm Flame (Targeted AE, 400 DD, Unresistable, Small Radius)
– Estimated 500K HP
– Immune to Fire

Askr the Lost will spawn. Speak to him to port up to the next room. Say “transport” to zone up.


Phase 2

Phase 2 is essentially the same strategy as Phase 1. You’ll see Emmerik Skyfury when you zone in with 3 portals around the room that summon. Kite and/or offtank Emmerik Skyfury while killing off the portals and adds. Kill Emmerik Skyfury afterwards. He has a couple nasty AE’s.

Emmerik Skyfury abilities:

– Hits 1,000+
– Rampages
– Slowable
– Casts Meteor Storm (Targeted AE, – 500 Mana/1500 DD/1 sec stun, -300 Fire Based)
– Casts Storm Comet (Targeted AE, 3000DD/90% slow/10% snare, Unresistable, 36 curse counter)
– Casts Stone Thunder (Single Target, Root/Silence, – 300 Magic Based)
– Estimated 600K HP
– High Cold Resist

 Askr the Lost will spawn. Speak to him to port up to the next room. Say “storm” to zone up.

Phase 3

The 3rd and final phase is Agnarr the Storm Lord. He will aggro as soon as you zone in so have tanks zone in first and healers right after. This room has 5 portals. All are killable except the middle one. Kite and/or offtank Agnarr the Storm Lord until the other 4 portals and adds are dead.

Agnarr the Storm Lord spawns a named add every so often (roughly 100%, 75%, 45%, 25%) during the fight. Kill the named adds as they spawn.

Named Info:
Named 1: Jolur Sandstorm – Estimated 250K HP, Hits 800+, Slowable?, Disease Resist
Named 2: Ekil Thundercall – Estimated 250K HP, Hits 800+, Slowable?, Fire Immune
Named 3: Oljin Stormtide – Estimated 250K HP, Hits 800+, Slowable?, Cold Immune
Named 4:  Hibdin Cyclone – Estimated 250K HP, Hits 800+, Slowable?, Disease Resist

Agnarr the Storm Lord abilities:
– Hits 1600+
– Slowable
– Estimated 1.1 million HP
– Casts Manastorm (PBAE, 600 DD/ -200 Mana, Magic Based)
– Casts Rage of the Rainkeeper (PBAE, 7.5 spin stun/800 DD/Small DoT, Unresistable)


 Flagging Phase

Once Agnarr the Storm Lord is dead run up the steps and you’ll see Karana.
– Say “follow the path of the fallen” to receive your characater flag!
– Say “send you on your way” to zone out.


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