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Everquest TLP Master Key List

This guide covers all Key Ring keys up to Planes of Power (for now). Click on a Key for a full guide!

Bone Crafted Key (Access to Paineel Elevator)

Plane of Sky: Island 9 (Island 9 and Efreeti’s Key)

A Stone Key (City of Mist)

Hand of Glory (Charasis/Howling Stones Doors)

Key to Charasis (Charasis/Howling Stones Access)

Key of Veeshan (Veeshan’s Peak Access)

Trakanon Idol (Sebilis Access)

Shrine Key (Skyshrine Key)

Sleeper’s Key (Sleeper’s Tomb Access)

Tower of Frozen Shadows: 7 (Floor 1 – 7)

— Notable Keys that do not go on key ring —
Jaled Dar’s Tomb Key (Jaled Dar door) Give Neb’s Head to Zlandicar *requires Zlandicar faction*

Arx Key (Lord Seru Lair Access)

North Tower Key (Vex Thal) (Vex Thal Doors)

North Wing Key (Vex Thal) (Vex Thal Doors)

Palace Key (Vex Thal) (Vex Thal Doors)

Ring of the Shissar (Emperor Lair Access)

The Scepter of Shadows (Vex Thal Access)

Zazuzh’s Key (Ssraeshza Temple Door Key)

Zherozsh’s Key (Ssraeshza Temple Door Key)

A Screaming Sphere (Key to Saryrn’s Tower)

Crystalline Globe (Aerin’Dar Door Key)

Enchanted Ring of Torden (Bastion of Thunder Tower Access)

Gem-Etched Key (Key to tunnel door in Plane of EarthA) Drops from Tantisala Jaggedtooth (raid) in PoEarthA

Grimor’s Bracer grants access to the Ruins of Lxanvom (Alternative Access to Crypt of Decay – Also gives a instant-cast Resist Disease clicky)

Key to the lower depths of the Ruins of Lxanvom (Carprin Event Event. Technically a flag that goes on key ring)

Passkey of the Twelve (Earth B Access/Flag. Technically a flag that goes on key ring) Complete the ring events (raids) In PoEarthA and Kill Mystical Arbiter of Earth. Hail Planar Projection and zone into EarthB.

Symbol of Torden (Agnarr’s Lair Access)

Talisman of Thunderous Foyer (BoT Access/Flag. Technically a flag that goes on key ring)

Wind Etched Key (Key to Xegony Island)

**There are other alternate access quests for many PoP zones that go on the key ring. The Crypt of Decay one gives an instant cast Resist Disease clicky, so I created a guide for that one. The rest of them do not give any type of useful item reward.**

— Notable Keys that do not go on key ring —
Plane of Innovation Factory Key
(Character flag)

The Mark of Justice (Access to The Seventh Hammer) Complete all 6 trials then say “knowledge” to one of The Tribunal in the portal room with the 6 trial marks in your inventory.

Adventurer’s Stone + Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem


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 Anguish Signets Quest

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