Korafax Access
You must either do all Group Progression or all Raid Progression. You cannot mix them together. What this means is you need to complete one of these two achievements to zone into Korafax. Not everyone has to able to request all the group missions or raids, you just need to complete the tasks on one of these two achievements. You will still need 1 person who can request them, which requires additional questing.

Void Access
You’ll gain access to an additional Void each time you complete Progression (either Group or Raid) for a theme in the same manner that you progress in Korafax Access above.

You can mix Raid Progression and Group Progression from these two achievements to gain access to the Void. For example, you can do Group Progression in one theme, and Raid Progression in another to move your Void Access up two levels.

Tower of Discord Access
To be able to access Tower of Discord you must either complete the 3 Korafax Raids or loot Tower Key. Tower Keys drop from the 3 Korafax raids and also from bosses in Discord Tower itself (normal version only, hard mode doesn’t drop them) What this means is you need to complete one of these two achievements to zone into Discord Tower.

Unconfirmed: The Requester for a Discord Tower Raid will have to have done the 3 Korafax Raids and loot a Tower Key

If not flagged via either of these methods, you can piggy into Discord Tower at the ratio of 5 flagged for 1 unflagged.

Note: If you are on a server where Korafax and Discord Tower is unlocked without doing progression, then you won’t get access to Void F unless you have done all prior themes.

Request Requirements in this guide assumes you are going through all the pre-requirements to request each task leading up to being able to request a raid, and didn’t get anything requested for you from someone else in the group progression. It may be possible to request some of the raids with only group missions done.

Oceangreen Hills/Village, Blackburrow
Raid Request Requirements
Queen Malarian (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory

A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight
A Corrupted Arch Priest
Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die
The Bubonians Are Coming!

Stop the Ascension (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory



Man the Defenses
No Cure for Death
Familiarity is Key
Stop the Contamination
A Dread Challenger
Bloody Kithicor
Raid Request Requirements

Bloody Kithicor (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory 



*This raid can be requested at either camp. It is the same raid from both camps.

Army of Light
Charges of Treason
Vengeance and Deliverance
Bitter Victuals
Safe Passage

Army of Obliteration
Destroy the Imposter
Rain of Ruin

Field of Scale
Raid Request Requirements
A Council Divided (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory

Food Supplies
Raising Cabilis
Sarnak Recovery (Sokokar)
Sarnak Recovery (Burynai)
Sarnak Recovery (Kurn) 

**Complete any 4 of the above. You do not need to do all 5. I recommend doing the Latter 4 since multiple people can do them at once, and they are fairly easy to complete. Once 4 are complete you’ll be able to request the next set of progression Group Tasks (Lost and Found + Parley with Ganak) from Jaled`Dar. Note: There are 3 additional tasks (Drake Scourge, Grand Illusion, Supplies) in addition to the 5 above that may also work for progression, but they are more involved and I also did not test them personally to confirm 100% that they work for progression.

Lost and Found

Parley with Ganak

Audience With the Warmaster
The Brood of an Emperor
The Price of Knowledge
Defeat the Dragonbane Phalanx
An Impenetrable Shield

Claiming Felbane the Dragon Slayer (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory
Final Confrontation (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory
Korascian Warrens, Toskirakk, Rathe Council Chambers
Raid Request Requirements
The Brothers Zek/Eriak’s Downfall (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory
These are the two events  in “Eriak’s Downfall” Raid
Find Your Allies
Whom Frogs Destroy
The Wrath of Korascian
Retinue of the Frog-God
Disrupt the Siege
Champions No More
Murdunk’s Last Stand
Rallos Returns (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory
The Brother Zek/Eriak’s Downfall Raid
and its Request Requirements
Showdown at the Crystal Core (Guide in Progress)
Not needed for Progression, but may be needed to request The Fall of Toskirakk  (Unconfirmed)?
The Crystal Bloom
The Fall of Toskirakk (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory
Times are a Chainin’
– The Brother Zek/Eriak’s Downfall Raid
and its Request Requirements
– Rallos Returns Raid
– Showdown at the Crystal Core Raid? (Unconfirmed)
Raid Request Requirements
Venom Lord Ksathraxt (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory (Tower Key Alt Access)
Kill the Mindshear Attendants
Kill the Corporifers
Free My Mind
Find Telivar
You Pay the Price
Assist the Riftseekers
Kill the Shearspawn
Inside Information
Meeting Adjourned!
Pallorax the Soul Slayer (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory (Tower Key Alt Access)
Mindshear Avatar (Guide in Progress)
Progression Mandatory (Tower Key Alt Access)



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