Rewards: 60 Chronobines, Blood of the Disguised, Faction, Experience

This is a “solo” task, but a small group is recommended to complete it in era.

Equip your Army of Obliteration Medallion. Locate Laarthik V`Shin in Bloody Kithicor (see map). You can use “FIND” to locate him. Say “deed” to receive Destroy the Imposter.

Step 1 and 2) 

1-2) Hail both Laarthik V`Shin and Lanys T`Vyl. They are standing next to each other, each in their own tent.


Step 3) 

3) Go to the location on the map for an update (-850, -785).

Step 4-7)

 At the same location as Step 3 you’ll find Avatar of Aridane Ubel. 

4) Hail Avatar of Aridane Ubel
Kill Avatar of Aridane Ubel (Hits 1400+ and 106K HP)
6) When Avatar of Aridane Ubel dies, Aridane Ubel spawns next to him. Kill Aridane Ubel. (Hits 1600+ and 130K HP).
7) Loot Ubel’s Discord Amulet from Aridane Ubel.


Step 8) 

8) Go to Lanys T`Vyl in Bloody Kithicor. Give her Ubel’s Discord Amulet to complete the quest.

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