Everquest TLP Server Rulesets


– Below are all active TLP servers listed from Oldest to Newest. Watch the >>YOUTUBE VIDEO<< for clarification on what it all means.

– Check the ingame /calender (command) for release dates of each expansion.




May 21, 2015

Voting Timelocked Progression – New expansions are voted to be unlocked about 3 months after the previous expansion’s raid targets are defeated.



May 24, 2017

True Box (1 character per computer)
– Locked at Legacy of Ykesha/LDoN forever




Coirnav (Legacy – Merged with Vox on 7/19/23)

March 16, 2018

– New expansions unlock automatically every 3 months
– True Box (1 character per computer)




March 16, 2019

– 3 Month Unlocks. However, once Mangler reaches Gates of Discord, expansions that do not include a level cap will remain current for 2 months. If an expansion does include a level cap increase, it will last for 3 months.

– Box all you want on one 1 PC (as of 10/18/23)



Miragul (Legacy – Merged with Vox on 7/20/22)

November 5, 2019

– 3 month unlocks
– True Box (1 character per computer) and players begin at Level 85 in House of Thule.

– Live XP (Same as Fully unlocked TLP server for expansions that give additional XP)




May 27, 2020

– New expansions unlock automatically every 3 months.
– Box all you want on 1 PC


May 27, 2020

– New expansions unlock automatically every 3 months
– Box all you want on 1 PC (as of 10/18/23)





May 27, 2021

– Random Loot. Loot from rares and raids is randomized so that NPCs/raids of similar level and expansion can drop any of their loot.
– New expansions unlock automatically every 3 months (see below)
– Box all you want on 1 PC (as of 10/18/23)
– Free Trade (nearly all items are tradable – Similar to Firiona Vie)
– Increased rare spawn rate

Expansions Unlocks:
1 month for Classic
2 months for Kunark

Followed by:
2 months for expansions with no level increase
3 months for expansions with a level increase
Exception: LDoN will only be one month



May 25, 2022

– “Standard” TLP Server



May 25, 2022

– Level-Locked server. Level cap to increase on an interval set by Everquest Team
– Required level on most gear is removed and is replaced with recommended level instead
– NPC’s have lowered spell resists
– Spells will land on higher level NPC’s than they normally would
– Double Loot
– 50% Increased chance for rare NPC’s to spawn




May 24, 2023



– “Encounter Locking” (aka First to Engage – FTE for short): Mobs lock to specific players/groups upon aggro

– Most items are Heirloom, meaning they can be traded in the Shared Bank tab with other characters on the account.

– Agent of Change lockouts are per character instead of per account.

– “Legacy Character Experience”: Each max level character (for current expansion) grants the account an additional 10% XP bonus, capping at 100%.

– New server perks accumulate for each additional expansion that unlocks (The list below is as written from EQ’s official news article. See link above):

Classic – Legacy Characters and Encounter Locking
Ruins of Kunark – Loot Modifier – 125%
Scars of Velious – Faction Modifier – 125%
Shadows of Luclin – AA EXP Modifier – 125%
Planes of Power – Coin Drop Modifier – 150%
Legacy of Ykesha – Spawn Timers Modifier on all NPCs – 85%
Lost Dungeons of Norrath – Alternate Currency Modifier – 150%
Gates of Discord – Tribute Donation Modifier – 200%
Omens of War – Rare Spawn Modifier – 200% – Relax Truebox to 3
Dragons of Norrath – Faction Modifier – 200%
Depths of Darkhollow – Evolving Item EXP Modifier – 150%
Prophecy of Ro – Chance to Increase Skills Modifier (includes Tradeskills) – 200%
The Serpent’s Spine – Loot Modifier – 200%
The Buried Sea – Alternate Currency Modifier – 200% – Remove Truebox
Secrets of Faydwer – Faction Modifier – 300%
Seeds of Destruction – EXP Modifier – 125%
Underfoot – Tribute Use Reduction – 75%
House of Thule – AA EXP Modifier – 150%
Veil of Alaris – Alternate Currency Modifier – 250%
Rain of Fear – Collection Spawn Time Modifier – 75%
Call of the Forsaken – Mercenary AA EXP Modifier – 200%
The Darkened Sea – Spawn Timers Modifier on all NPCs – 70%
The Broken Mirror – EXP Modifier – 150%
Empires of Kunark – Rare Spawn Modifier – 300%
Ring of Scale – AA EXP Modifier – 175%
The Burning Lands – Luck Modifier – 125%
Torment of Velious – Evolving Item EXP Modifier – 200%
Claws of Veeshan – AA EXP Modifier – 200%
Terror of Luclin – EXP Modifier – 200%
Night of Shadows – Rare Spawn Modifier – 400%

Unlock Schedule:

New expansions unlock automatically every 8-12 weeks with the early expansions unlocking faster.

Eight weeks and a day after launch: Ruins of Kunark
Eight weeks later: Scars of Velious
Eight weeks later: Shadows of Luclin
Eight weeks later: Planes of Power and Legacy of Ykesha
Twelve weeks later: Lost Dungeons of Norrath
Four weeks later: Gates of Discord
Eight weeks later: Omens of War and an hour later Dragons of Norrath

After this expansions last for 12 weeks when the level cap increases, and last 8 weeks when the the level cap stays the same.

Oakwynd True Box Rules:

– Classic-Gates of Discord: 1 EQ Client per computer
– When Omens of War unlocks: 3 EQ clients per computer
– When The Buried Sea unlocks: True Box will be removed.



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