This chart covers how long, on average, each Epic 1.0 is useful. In most cases this is referring to its clicky/effect. For melee weapons its mainly referring to how long you’d likely wear it for.

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Epic 1.0 Item Links

Cleric Epic
96% Res. Doesn’t get replaced until Blessing of Ressurrection AA (SoF?)

Bard Epic
Acts as ALL Instruments, great until PoP+ when mods on gear starts to becomes available. Still good for alts for a long time.

Monk Epic
40% haste Clicky – BiS in Kunark (23/26 at 60, 24/26 at 65). Some Velious+ raid weapons have a comparable ratio and also have stats. Great clicky in general. In PoP Ornate Gloves have the same effect.

Ranger Epic
Haste/Attack/Slow Proc – 40% worn Haste, Worn Attack helps damage over all (including bow), slow proc is priceless

Magician Epic
Strongest Pet in Game through Luclin. Replaced by PoP Pets.

Enchanter Epic
Haste Clicky – Can cast on level 1s. Always useful for buffing low levels. Gets replaced in PoP by Elemental pants for higher level players.

Warrior Epic
Aggro Weapons/Good Stats – Better weapons come out each expansion

Wizard Epic
Rune Buff – Long Cast Time. Rune gets replaced by Force Shield in PoP

Shaman Epic
Damage Over Time – Decent damage but gets relatively weaker as expansions get harder. Long Cast Time, not very useful in exp groups

Rogue Epic
Just a Melee Weapon – Good in Kunark but gets replaced in Velious quite easily. Has 40% haste.

Druid Epic
Damage Over Time – Damage pretty low even for Kunark. Long Cast Time. Not very useful in exp groups

Necromancer Epic
Snare/DoT – Long Cast Time, poor for grouping

Shadow Knight Epic
Able to Bash when eqiupped/DoT/HoT. Decent in Kunark when not wearing a shield. Outclassed by Knight Weapons in Velious.

Paladin Epic
Able to Bash when equipped/Stun DD. Decent in Kunark when not wearing a shield. Outclassed by Knight Weapons in Velious.

Beastlord Epic
Kunark Weapon in Luclin Era. Has a slow proc and 40% worn Haste. Ratio is poor by the time Luclin is out.

Berserker Epic
Kunark Weapon Gates of Discord era. Most won’t use this for a weapon at this point. Good to complete it for pre-req for 2.0 Quest in Omens.

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