Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Green Fragment Dena, Faction

Step 1

To obtain this Mission you’ll need to say “take care” to Ulgin Darkhammer in Korascian Warrens.

Step 2

Kill 30 mobs with “bloom” in their name. Bloom mobs have the following stats on average:

– 450K HP
– Hit 4100-4500 max

You’ll also see an aetheront mobs roaming around. When these die 4 addtional mobs spawn on top of their corpse. All of which can hit somewhat hard. Be careful when killing these so that you don’t train yourself.


Overall advice for this mission is to play defensively and take be diligent about your pulls. Work your way slowly around the lake and pull mobs out of the way so other mobs don’t aggro you while you’re fighting something. There will be a lot of roamers.


Step 3

Hail Ulgin Darkhammer in Korascian Warrens to complete the Mission.


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