Rewards: Chronobines, Miniature Rallosian Greave Padding, Faction, Experience

Step 1

Locate Nedsin Tabbels in Korascian Warrens. Say “assistance” to receive Whom Frogs Destroy. You must have completed Find Your Allies to request this.

Step 2


Head to the far west side of the zone. Here you’ll see several A Korascian Thrall spread throughout the room. Hail them for an update. Sometimes you’ll get the update immediately, other times they will attack and you’ll have to kill them for an update. Kill updates are shared if you are grouped with others who are on the quest. For Hail updates, only the person Hailing will get it.

There are also frogs/spiders in this room that can aggro. Try to avoid killing the frogs if possible as we will need to kill them in the Task after this one.


Step 3

Go back to Nedsin Tabbels and Hail him to complete the task.



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