Rewards: 60 Chronobines, Blood of the Redeemed, Faction, Experience

This is a “solo” task, but a small group is recommended to complete it in era.

Equip your  Army of Light Pendant. Locate Firiona Vie in Bloody Kithicor (see map). You can use “FIND” to locate her. Say “accept” to receive task Vengeance and Deliverance. You’ll also receive Orb of Mind Recovery.

Step 1) 

1) Locate Ladon Gendorin for an update. You’ll have to get close.


Step 2-6) 

Make sure to do the following in order:

2) Kill the 4x an Obliteration agents, who are nearby Ladon. Hit approx 700 and 45K HP each. Kroneld won’t attack/assist (yet).
3) Hail Kroneld. He will attack.
4) Kill Kroneld (Hits approx 1900, 160K HP)
5) Give Orb of Mind Recovery to Ladon Gendorin
Hail Ladon Gendorin

Step 7)

 7) Go back to Firiona Vie. Hail her to complete the quest.


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