Rewards: 200 Chronobines, Faction, Experience

This is a “solo” task, but a group is recommended to complete it in era.

Equip your Army of Obliteration Medallion. Locate Lanys T`Vyl in Bloody Kithicor (see map). You can use “FIND” to locate her. Say “undertaking” to receive task Rain of Ruin. You’ll also receive the item Glowing Firebrand, save this.

Step 1) 

Hail Laarthik V`Shin for an update. You’ll also receive Pyrrdan’s Crossbone of Bone on your cursor.


Steps 2-4) 

2) Locate Pyrrdan for an update (+60, -1160)
3) Give Pyrrdan Pyrrdan’s Crossbone of Bone
4) Hail Pyrrdan

Step 5-6)

5) Find Tyron Porrindal at (-710, -70) for an update.

6) Kill Tyron Porrindal. Mobs inside his house will assist when you attack. You’ll want to either split or CC appropriately. Everything hits for 1200-1500 range and has approx. 100K HP each.


Step 7) 

7) Behind Tyron Porrindal’s house you’ll see a flammable box, use your Glowing Firebrand on it for an update.

Step 8-9)

8) Go northwest to the camp at 0, +670 for an update.


9) You’ll see some weapon racks. /open them and loot 4x Kithicor Defender’s Axe. The weapon racks drop 2x each.

**Note: Weapon racks can also be found at the nearby camp a little to the northeast.




Step 10-12)

10) Go back to Pyrrdan and give him 4x Kithicor Defender’s Axe

11) Hail Pyrrdan, **WARNING** when you hail him 4x a forest ranger will spawn on top of Pyrrdan and immediately begin attacking him. Kill the 4x a forest ranger’s without letting Pyrrdan die for an update. They have roughly 75K HP each.



Step 13)

13) Kill 5x a supply chests. They common and there are multiple ones at different camps.


Step 14-15)

14) Locate Darvin Oggleby’s house (see map) for an update.

15) Kill 4x “army of light” mobs around and inside the house until you receive another update. All mobs, including Darvin Oggleby himself will assist and are of similar difficulty.

Step 16)

16) Outside Darvin Oggleby’s house you’ll see a flammable chest, use your Glowing Firebrand on it for an update.

Step 17) 

17) Kill any 6x “an Army of Light” type NPC’s.



Step 18-19) 

18) Head to the “Avenwood hamlet (see map) to receive an update.

19)You’ll find some a flammable chests throughout the camp, use your Glowing Firebrand on 4 of them to receive an update.

Step 20)

20) Go back to Lanys T`Vyl in Bloody Kithicor (see map). Hail her to compete the quest.

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