Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Purple Fragment Azia, Faction

Step 1

Locate Apothecary Cadmael in Oceangreen Village. Say “storm” to receive the group mission A Corrupted Arch Priest, then say “ready” to zone into Temple of Bertoxxulous instance. You must have completed A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight to request this mission.

Step 2


1) Locate 3 named around the zone. Kill them and loot 2x Bertoxxulian Badge of Station from each. Each person in the group should loot one as they can be right clicked to provide protection to an aura in the final boss room.

 2) Once the 3 named are dead and you have  6x Bertoxxulian Badge of Station head to the “Altar” area in the middle of the zone, there you’ll find Arch Priest Cronkle. Everyone right click their Bertoxxulian Badge of Station before entering the room, this will make the room AE DoT Aura do much less damage. There will be trash mobs that you’ll want to clear out.

Kill Arch Priest Cronkle for the other update. When he dies he will cast an unresistable DoT on everyone that does 3K HP per second, lasts 30 seconds.

Step 3

Go back to Apothecary Cadmael in Oceangreen Village. Hail him to complete the mission.

Note: There seems to be a disconnect bug if you drop this mission before exiting the zone.


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