Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Purple Fragment Beza, Faction

Step 1

Locate Apothecary Cadmael in Oceangreen Village. Say “storm” to receive the group mission Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die, then say “ready” to zone into Temple of Bertoxxulous instance. You must have completed A Corrupted Arch Priest and its pre-requirements to request this mission.

Step 2


As soon as you zone in, click on the southeast door. It will be locked but give an emote and Step update.


Step 3

Locate and kill Machinator Grengwar. Loot Pitted Key for an update.


Step 4

Locate and kill Prime Lector Quillok. Loot Rusted Key for an update.

Step 5

Go back to the locked door near the zone in and open it.

Step 6

Locate and kill Scumlord Heyanti for an update.

-200K HP
– Hits 2200+
– Casts Timelock (Single Target, 10 second stun, -550 Magic Based)

Step 6

Go back to Apothecary Cadmael in Oceangreen Hills and Hail him to complete the mission.

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