Rewards: Chronobines, Crest Left Upper Field Frame, Faction, Experience

Step 1

Locate Apothecary Cadmael in Oceangreen Village. Say “investigate” to receive A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight, then zone into Temple of Bertoxxulous.

Step 2


Kill “putrid/plagued/diseased/malignant/a temple guardian type-mobs” and loot any “parchment scrap” that drops. There are 7 unique ones you’ll need to loot:

Contaminated Parchment Scrap
Corrupted Parchment Scrap

Defiled Parchment Scrap
Infected Parchment Scrap

Malignant Parchment Scrap
Plagued Parchment Scrap
Soiled Parchment Scrap


Step 3

Go back to Apothecary Cadmael in Oceangreen Village and turn in the 7x scraps. Some of them count as the “pages” in this dialogue. You’ll receive 2 items in return: Completed Cultist Cipher and Reconstructed Cultist Manual.


Step 4

Go back to Temple of Bertoxxulous and stand at the spot marked on the map. It is a skull on the floor. You’ll likely need to clear a bunch of mobs to make the area safe.

Once arrived right click your Reconstructed Cultist Manual. You’ll see 1 of 3 potential messages:

1) Dsemodfiyqif ulkagru if pizp qbtfhitowb Jg qnel axca vvr Wiymofg Zbkd zw grpr n aexizq qt qbvovs cgggblkvqr

2) Ool tn avvbnm oeimph jcgu tcxwgf vvrle ribqu Hux buwb bh rvlegas fjoye ovmb gjs cttn nce vvr kezcfa qt gae Rwfq qt Cxszqzrpqr

3) Ys shur wie dcqbey ewgj hux brquuv kr poxavvr hux Doasnus Yhrj ewgj chk frmgu Czy aaot Prthbqxatchu hux Utkzrcb Bge

These “translate” to the following messages:

1) Bertoxxulous blesses us with corruption We call upon the Disease Lord to send a herald of divine pestilence

2) May an unholy blight wash across these lands The boon of disease shall open the path for the return of the Lord of Pestilence

3) We foul our bodies with the blight we worship the Disease Lord with our flesh All hail Bertoxxulous the Unclean One

Choose the one that correlates to your Reconstructed Cultist Manual text, then say it while you are standing on the skull on the floor. Doing so gives and update and spawns Vaxztn the Purtrifier. Kill him to complete the next update:

– 170K HP
– Slowable

Step 5

Go back to Apothecary Cadmael in Oceangreen Village and Hail him to complete the Task.


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