Rewards: 45 Chronobines, Faction, Experience, Blood of the Dominated

This is a “solo” task, but a group is recommended to complete it in era.

Equip your  Army of Light Pendant. Locate Lord Tephys in Bloody Kithicor (see map). You can use “FIND” to locate him. Say “attend” to receive task Charges of Treason.

Step 1) 

1) Hail Firiona Vie for an update. She is standing next to Lord Tephys.


Step 2) 

2) Head to the southeastern side of the zone near the lake for an update.

Step 3-6)

3) Head inside the building on the north side of the lake (see map)
4) Hail Aendra Whiteflame for an update
5) Kill Ralf Uthmiert, who is inside the house. Hits approx. 1700, 140K HP
6) Loot Aendra’s Note from Ralf Uthmiert’s corpse.


Step 7) 

7) Underwater in the lake you’ll find a striated chest. /open it and loot Orb of Mind Recovery.

Step 8)

8) Go back to Firiona Vie. Give her Orb of Mind Recovery to complete the quest.


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