Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Red Fragment Caza, Faction

Step 1

Say “still available” to Jaled`Dar in Field of Scale to receive the mission. You must have completed the pre-requirement tasks and Mission #1, #2, #3, and #4 to request this mission.

Step 2


Zone into Kaesora: Imperial Hatchery. You’ll get a pop up box asking if you want to zone into the mission or open world zone. Make sure you zone into the Mission.


Step 3

The end goal of this mission is to interact with a “Shield” on the far west room of the map. However it will not be accessible until killing a few named. If you try to open the “Shield” early then all of the named will aggro you at once. I’d avoid the west room entirely until all 4 named are dead.

1) Kill the 4 named below:

Nalasztya Voxenak
Sheleszka Voxenak
Zoffler the Drakeslayer
– 415K HP
– Hits 4200+
Joralus the Relentless
– 334K HP
– Hits 4500+


2) Once the 4 named are dead head into the far west room (you may want to pull the trash out first before entering). You can then get near the shiny object in the middle of the room, which will trigger the spawn of Shield Guardian Neiska. Kill him and loot Shimmering Dragonbane Shield.

– 430K HP
– Hits 4300+

Step 4

Go back to Field of Scale and give Jaled`Dar Shimmering Dragonbane Shield to complete the mission.


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