Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Purple Fragment Caza, Faction

Step 1

Locate Jerom Bertrand in Oceangreen Village. Say “destroy them” to receive the group mission A Corrupted Arch Priest, then say “ready” to zone into Temple of Bertoxxulous instance. You must have completed Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die and its pre-requirements to request this mission.

This is a 12 player mission.

Step 2


1) You’ll first want to kill Plaguebearer Kalcik and Plaguebearer Scil. These guys are fairly easy. Once both are dead you’ll see an emote, indicating the spawn of the final boss.

+ 750K HP each
– Hit 1400+
– Plaguebearer Scil casts a damage shield (115)
– Plaguebearer Kalcik casts a single target DoT

 2)  The final boss will move around the zone a couple times mid-fight, because of this, you will want to consider pre-clearing the zone of trash mobs before engaging the final boss.

Once all the trash is clear, locate Plaguelord Musca, who can spawn in various rooms. A tracker can help find him quickly.

– 1.6 Million HP
– Hits 2K+
– At 2 points during the fight he becomes untargetable and may move rooms (70%, 40%?)
– Spawns 2 adds during each move. These adds are easy. The 2nd set can potentially cast PBAE AE Slow/-Spell Haste.
– Save burns for sub 20% HP as he can potentially he heal himself by consuming his adds when his HP gets low.

Step 3

Go back to Jerom Bertrand in Oceangreen Village. Hail him to complete the mission.


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