This is a shared group task (a group is recommended in era), but can be technically be done solo.

Rewards: 14 Chronobines, Iksar Jawbone, Experience, Faction

Step 1

To be able to obtain this task you’ll need to say “investigate” to Jaled`Dar after completing the pre-requirement tasks. You only have 15 minutes to complete this task.

Step 2

Locate 3 dragon corpse’s in the northeastern side of the zone. You’ll get updates as you get close to each one.


Step 3

At the final dragon’s corpse (Krizlek’s Corpse) you see 3x a Sebilisian dragonhunter/stalkers. Kill these and loot Darkblade Longsword from one of them.

Step 4

Go back to Jaled`Dar and give him  Darkblade Longsword to complete the task.


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