Note: While doing this Task, keep on the lookout for the following loot. Every player needs to loot these as they will be used in Solo Tasks a bit later:
ou Pay the Price
Assist the Riftseekers

1x Blazing-Rune Blade – drops from various mobs
1x Essence Sieve (6-slot container) – drops from “vitrik-type” mobs
1x Empty Flask drops from noc/vitrik/ra`tuk type mobs (rare drop)
4x Mindshear Slime – drops from a mindshear attendant (technically you’ll need 5, but one will be for a group mission. See below)
1x Aneuk Blood – drops from “aneuk type” mobs

Rewards: Chronobines, Bedlam Crystal Section, Faction, Experience

Step 1

Say “heroic journey” to a disheveled human at the zone in of Korafax to receive the Group Task: Find Telivar. You must have completed Task #3 to request this mission.

Step 2

Locate Telivar S`Vik. You won’t be able to see him at first. Clear the room of mobs and spam “Telivar” in /say to spawn him. You’ll see him in the corner. Hail him to complete the Task.


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