Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Black Fragment Beza, Faction, Experience

Step 1

1)  Locate Telivar S`Vik in Korafax. You won’t be able to see him at first. Clear the room of mobs and spam “Telivar” in /say to spawn him. You’ll see him in the corner.

2) Say “more” to him to receive Inside Information. Say “ready” to zone in. You must have completed Kill the Shearspawn to request this mission.

Step 2

Head to the room on the map for an update. You’ll see a dragorn laying in the middle.


Step 3

Kill the mobs in the room to free the dragorn. You’ll also see an emote.

A “tormentor” mob will spawn every 45 seconds or so. Continue to kill them until you get the update. There were 9 total spawns for me in addition to the mobs that were already in the room.

Step 4

Hail a dragorn captive in the middle of the room. He will stand up. Say “ready to leave” to start an escort towards the “Void” zone in. You can say “STOP” or “GO” to direct his movement.

Once you exit the castle Vitrik Inquisitor will spawn. Kill it to complete the mission. 267K HP

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