Rewards: 90 Chronobines, Faction, Timeshear Orange Fragment Azia

Locate Commander Barvian in Bloody Kithicor. You can use “FIND” to locate him. Say “escort” to receive the group mission Safe Passage. Make sure to have your Army of Light Pendant equipped.

Step 1) 

1) Locate Scout Fathim nearby. He can be hard to notice as he blends in with some of the other NPC’s.

– Hail him for an update before zoning in!!

– Say “ready” to zone into the mission.


 Step 2-3) 

2) Start heading towards the Commonlands Tunnel for an update

3) Once you reach the tunnel entrance 4x an Obliteration raiders spawn and attack. Kill them for another update. Approx 70K HP each and hit for 1,000.

 Step 4)

4) Further into the tunnel you’ll find Colonel Thalan. Hail him for an update.


Step 5) 

5) Say “help” and “go” to Colonel Thalan to begin an escort script. When you say “go” ALL of the NPC’s in the tunnel will start pathing out and begin walking towards Bloody Kithicor in the Northwest of the zone (see map). Along the way a total of 12x “Obliteration” mobs will attack. Usually 2 at a time, and at the end 4 will spawn. Kill these mobs and protect the caravan. You’ll have some “Army of Light” NPC’s to help you keep the mobs off the civilians but it will ultimately be up to your group to defend the caravan.

“Obliteration” mobs can cast a short duration (20 seconds?) slow/snare, so be prepared to deal with that.

Colonel Thalan will come but he will lag a bit behind the caravan. Keep an eye on him at all times and make sure he stays alive or you’ll fail the mission. I suggest doing /mark 1 on him and watching him on your extended target window.

Step 6) 

6) Hail Colonel Thalan once he arrives to complete the mission. Say “return” to exit the mission.

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