This is a shared group task (a group is recommended in era), but can be technically be done solo.

Rewards: Chronobines, Iksar Left Upper Arm Bones, Experience, Faction

Step 1

To be able to obtain this task you’ll need to say “parley” to Jaled`Dar in Field of Scale after completing the pre-requirement tasks.

Step 2

Kill Iksars/Undead Iksar type mobs in Field of Scale to get 4x Vial of Iksar Blood and 4x Iksar Bones. Common drops. Give them to Trakanon for your updates.


Step 3

While still at Trakanon, say “illusion” to be turned into a Skeleton. This will make you non-kos to the Iksar in the zone.

Step 4

*Read the whole step before beginning*

With your Illusion on, locate and speak to Emperor Ganak.

Say “parley”
Say “your master”
Say “serve”

Full Dialogue

Upon saying “serve” your Illusion will drop and all of the mobs near him will aggro (4x Imperial Guards and nearby trash mobs). Guards hit for roughly 2.1k+ and have 120K HP each. You will need to kill them for additional task updates. Emperor Ganak himself despawns. A group is recommended for this in era.


Step 5

Hail Jaled`Dar to complete the Task.

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