Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Red Fragment Azia, Faction

Step 1

Say “still available” to Jaled`Dar in Field of Scale to receive the mission. You must have completed the pre-requirement tasks and Mission #1 and Mission #2 to request this mission. The requester will also receive Akromid Crystal to use in this mission.

Step 2

Zone into Kaesora Library. You’ll get a pop up box asking if you want to zone into the mission or open world zone. Make sure you zone into the Mission.

Step 3

A tracker is helpful on this step. Spread around the zone are various a corrupt scholar mobs. Locate these mobs and get them down to 10-20% HP (They will temporarily health lock at 10%). Once they are low enough, right click the Akromid Crystal on them. You’ll get 1 of 2 messages. One indicates that this is not the “correct” NPC, and you’ll have to find more a corrupt scholar and repeat the steps, or you’ll get the task update with an emote indicating it was successful.


Step 4

Locate 3x A Corrupted Beguiler and kill them. See map for spawn locations.

– Cast Enchanter-Type spells
– Hits 3300+
– 182K HP


Step 5

Locate Coercer Gordak on the far eastern side of the zone and kill him. He is an easy kill. Loot Dragonbane Enchantment.

Step 6

Go back to Field of Scale and give Dragonbane Enchantment to Jaled`Dar to complete the mission.

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