Rewards: Chronobines, Bedlam Crystal Slice, Faction, Experience

Step 1

1)  Locate Telivar S`Vik in Korafax. You won’t be able to see him at first. Clear the room of mobs and spam “Telivar” in /say to spawn him. You’ll see him in the corner.

2) Say “trust” to him to receive Assist the Riftseekers. You must have completed You Pay the Price to request this task.

Step 2

1) Loot the following from trash in Korafax. These items are pre-lootable (Do not combine them until you have the quest)

1x Essence Sieve (6-slot container) – drops from “vitrik” type mobs
1x Empty Flask – drops from noc/vitrik/ra`tuk type mobs (rare drop)
4x Mindshear Slime – drops from a mindshear attendant
1x Aneuk Blood – drops from “aneuk type” mobs

2) Combine all items into the Essence Sieve (6-slot container) to create Perious Potion

Step 3

Give Perious Potion to a pyrilen rift slave mob in Korafax to complete the Task.

Any a pyrilen rift slave is fine, they are scattered around the top of the zone. They are KoS but won’t attack. You’ll need to clear some mobs out that are around them. The map below shows the spot I used, but there are 8 different locations in the top area. You’ll get Perious Potion back, but it has no known use after this turn-in.

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