Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Black Fragment Caza, Faction

Step 1

1)  Locate Telivar S`Vik in Korafax. You won’t be able to see him at first. Clear the room of mobs and spam “Telivar” in /say to spawn him. You’ll see him in the corner.

2) Say “more” to him to receive Meeting Adjourned! Say “ready” to zone in. You must have completed Inside Information to request this mission. You can have a maximum of 12 players, and it requires a minimum of 5. You can use mercenaries here.

Step 2

Head to the red circle on the map for an update.


Step 3

Inside the room ahead are 4 bosses. You’ll fight them all one at a time. Once all 4 are read the Mission will complete.

Below is some general information on the fights. All mechanics may not be included.

Hexxt Gulrak Vetxi
– 600K HP
– Hits 7500+
– Casts Roar of the Ratuk (PBAE Fear)

Pixxt Tvici Kalcyx
– 400K HP
– Hits 5300+
– She will despawn and 2 easy adds spawn after 30 sec-1min? Kill them and she will respawn.
– Burn her down ASAP. Adds can be avoided.

Tunat`Muram Vak Muat
– 750K HP
– Hits 6300+ HP
– Casts Flickle Blaze III (Single Target DD)

Zun`Muram Kovl Txikx
– Say “ready” to begin
– 1.8 Million HP
– Hits 8500+
– AE Rampage


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