Get this task from Severilous in Field of Scale. Say “feed” to receive Food Supplies.

Rewards: Chronobines, Iksar Upper Right Arm Bones, Experience, Faction

Step 1

You can find a group of a sebilisian hunters in a camp in the south, a couple also roam around. A tracker can help to find the roamers. Kill 6.

Step 2

Note (7/1/23): This quest is poorly written in-game so read this entire step before continuing.

You’ll need to get “carcass” drops off animals around the zone then turn them into Severilous for an update. You can get carcass’s from snakes, scorpions, and chokidai’s, however the carcass’s that drop all have different weights:

Chokidai Carcass: 25 lbs
Scorpion Carcass: 4 lbs
Snake carcass: 2 lbs

The quest says to “Gather 100 pounds of flesh“, but shows a 0/4 objective. You have 2 options:


1) Turn in 4x Chokidai Carcass to get all 4 updates at once (each  Chokidai Carcass gives 1 update)

2) Turn in 10 lbs at a time using a mix of  Scorpion Carcass and Snake carcass. 10 lbs also gives 1 update each so you’ll only need a total of 40 lbs using this method, but you’ll have to farm more carcass’s to reach the 10 lb requirement.

If you turn in less than 10 lbs at a time then Severilous gives an emote stating that he will eat your item, and you’ll get no progress update: 

I recommend to just farm 4x Chokidai Carcass and turn them in. These mobs are more common and you won’t need to kill as many.


Step 3

Hail Severilous to complete the task.


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