Rewards: Chronobines, Timeshear Purple Fragment Heda, Faction

Locate Captain Hiran Tillin in Oceangreen Hills. He is inside the fort in the Northeast. You can use “FIND” to locate him. Say “work” to receive the group mission Stop the Contamination. You will need to have completed the 3 Oceangreen Solo Tasks to request this mission.

Step 1) 

Hail Acolyte Koel to zone into an instance. He is standing next to Captain Hiran Tillin.


 Step 2)

Inside the instance you’ll see Billik Broadwake at the zone in. Hail him to start a script. See Step 3 for further details on the script.

 Step 3)

This script will spawn “Bertoxxulous” type mobs around the village every few minutes, usually 2 at a time. You’ll need to kill them as they spawn. Having a tracker can help with this tremendously as the mobs can spawn inside houses, along the dock, or just path into the town. They are also invisible so you’ll want to have see invisibility. Do not let these mobs attack villagers or crates for too long or you will fail the mission.

You’ll also may see 2 named spawn: Zeralin the Diverge and Jarlin the Scarred. They didn’t appear to be any harder than the regular Bertoxxulous trash mobs. There are also reports that a bentwing plaguefly can spawn in place of the named, but I didn’t experience this personally.

Mobs generally hit for approx 1500, are slowable, and have between 95-110K HP.

At the end Scumlord Heyanti and Arch Priest Cronkle will start yelling at each other in emotes, you don’t have to kill either, but see this signifies the end of this task. I killed a total 14 mobs over a period of 15 minutes before it completed.

Step 4) 

Hail Billik Broadwake to receive an update. Say “keep” to zone out.

Step 5) 

Hail Captain Hiran Tillin in Oceangreen Hills to complete the mission.

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