Symbol of Torden – Bastion of Thunder (BoT) Agnarr’s Tower Access


You will need to obtain 5 items from the upper towers of BoT to get access to Agnarr’s Tower.

Note: Only one person per raid needs this key to port up Agnarr’s Tower.

  Blizzard Sphere – Trash drop from Ice Wing. Uncommon Drop.
  Lightning Sphere – Trash drop from Fire Wing. Uncommon Drop.
  Sandstorm Sphere – Trash drop from Earth Wing. Uncommon Drop.
  Tornado Sphere
Trash drop from Air Wing. Uncommon Drop.
  Unadorned Symbol of Torden
Drops from any of the 4 tower bosses. You only need to kill one. Always Drops.

Tower Bosses
Auliffe Chaoswind
Brynju Thunderclap
Eindride Icestorm
Kuanbyr Hailstorm


Combine the   4 spheres in the Unadorned Symbol of Torden to receive  Symbol of Torden!


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