Enchanted Ring of Torden – Bastion of Thunder (BoT) Tower Access


You will need to obtain 5 items from the different lower wings of BoT to get access to the towers.

Note: This key is for access to the towers, not access to Agnarr’s Lair.  Only one person per group needs this key to port up to the towers. Agnarr’s Lair key guide can be found here: Agnarr’s Tower Key.

  Blizzard Gem – Trash drop from East Wing. Uncommon Drop.
  Lightning Gem – Trash drop from West Wing. Uncommon Drop.
  Sandstorm Gem – Trash drop from South Wing. Uncommon Drop.
  Tornado Gem
Trash drop from North Wing. Uncommon Drop.
  Ring of Torden
Drops from any of the 4 wing bosses. You only need to kill one. Always Drops.

Wing Bosses
Gaukr Sandstorm
Hreidar Lynhillig
Laef Windfall
Oreen Wavecrasher


Combine the 4 gems in the Ring of Torden to receive Enchanted Ring of Torden!


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