Plane of Innovation – Factory Door Key


You will need to obtain 3 items from around the zone. They are random zone-wide drops and are somewhat uncommon so it might take a bit of time if you are unlucky.


Intact Power Cell – Random zone-wide drop.
Copper Node – Random zone-wide drop.
Bundle of Super Conductive Wires – Random zone-wide drop.

Once you have all 3, give them to Nitram Anizok (see map). He will then run to the Northeast part part of the zone. Clear trash along the way. Once he arrives Xanamech Nezmirthafen will become targetable. Xanamech will be laying untargetable in his room if he is up (see map). Kill Xanamech and hail Nitram Anizok to get your Factory Key Flag.

– 250K HP
– Hits 1500+ (35 Heroic Stamina)
– Slowable
– Casts Oil Spray (PBAE, Snare, Unresistable)
– Casts Electrical Short (Targeted AE, 300 DD + Stun, -200 Magic Based)
– Casts Steam Blast (PBAE, 880 DD, -300 Fire Based)

You will not get an actual item key, but you will receive an achivement (Factory Code) that allows you to open the Factory Door. It is not part of the Planar Progression requirement chain. Only one person in the raid technically needs this to open the door for everyone else.

Note: In the Xanamech screenshot the gnome is tanking the dragon. This is bad. This happened because I was busy taking a screenshot and already had the key! Do not let the dragon kill the gnome, or you won’t be able to hail him after the fight. You can mez and mem blur the gnome before engaging if needed. You can heal and buff him as well. I recommended keeping a Heal over Time on him during the fight.


Red: Nitram Anizok known roam area
Yellow: Xanamech Nezmirthafen spawn point




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