Yxtta Riddle Event Guide

This event may seem confusing at first but is actually simple once you have all the information. You’ll notice there are 6 rooms along the sides. Clear out the targetable trash mobs near these rooms before beginning. The big golems in the middle don’t attack and can be ignored.

>> YouTube Video Guide <<

First, you’ll want to enter one of the rooms and click on an idol. There are two idols per room, one on the right and the left. Clicking any of them will start an emote (riddle) process. Based on the riddle you get, you’ll need to click on a corresponding idol (see map screenshot). I have listed all of the emotes below. Just read your emote in-game, find it in the list below, then use the map to find and click corresponding idol. You’ll need to repeat this process until you have completed 12 emotes. If you click an incorrect idol 2x trash mobs spawn.

It will take a minute before you can click on an idol after getting an emote. Be patient. I recommend watching the
>> YouTube Video << on this event to get an idea of the pace of the emotes. The entire event takes around 10-15 minutes.

The 13th and final emote indicates the hidden door/wall to the Primals has been unlocked:

 Note: I reviewed my logs for emote typos after doing the event a couple times, but some punctuation may still be slightly off for emotes I did not get. If you see any typos let me know.

Idol 1
– As far as the needle is concerned, I am indeed in the right, and only just.
– Beginnings new, the months refreshed, the youngest of us, I am but a babe.

– With the sun at its highest, everyone takes refuge. I am the first to come out after the time of rest.

Idol 2
– I am second of us, but not the least. It is time that tells all, I hear it next.
– Of Trushar I am loved the most. To find me, you must understand the element and know the signs.
– The lodestone seeks me not, but always drifts near, as near as the sunrise.

Idol 3
– I am 6 under noon.
– Read your lodestone and you will find that I am sinister of the sunrise, but only just.
– Trushar’s servants, of tail and fin. I am their sign, seek me within.

Idol 4
– If time flies, add what things are to thee then move on to me.
– Peril I am not, Remove the second in me and give me the first in aid, and with but little confusion I can be found.
– Where your magnet points I will not be found. Seek me just beyond the sunrise.

Idol 5
– As each month passes, so I may.
– I can bear a load of any stone, but have only one eye to see. Remove one of the majority of this eye from what you see.
– If my clock had your digits, I would be this.

Idol 6
– Seeking news of me, up and down. Tradition has me down, but the rising sun uplifts my spirits ever so slightly.
– You lay arrow straight, your face to face. Find me at your right foot.
– You may find yourself in a pinch, should you fail to sea my sign.

Idol 7
– Half past six, there are no tricks.
– I am the month of a pair and hand.
– Spin your compass as you will, I shall be the rear still.

Idol 8
– Be certain of your heading and make for the place twixt the sunset and the tail of the lodestone.
– If our schedules match, you shall find me in the most dignified company.
– My time is at the end of light and the edge of night.

Idol 9
– Creatures of Trushar are often protected by those that are my symbol.
– Face the setting sun and you will feel the heat of my presence. You grow colder as you follow guidance of the lodestone.

– The river flows to be cradled in the sea. Time flows, but is lost. When is it devoured?

Idol 10
– I am eight in name, but not in sequence.
– I am the hour that exists betwixt twice two primes.
– My aged father is the sun, my least cousin the lodestone.

Idol 11
– I am the month that brings most of something new and a large portion of reminiscences.
– It is your style and your gnomon that will help you find me. I am the hour of the sum of the constituents of relative term of terms.
– When the needle is lessened by a triple net of degrees you shall find me.

Idol 12
– I come last and in number am the greatest, yet when I have passed and all of my kind haven ended, I return in part in the number that follows me.
– If you are disarmed, watch your blade fall. Where it leads will answer all.
– When brightest day and darkest night are indistinguishable.




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