Tower of Frozen Shadow Key Guide


All Tower of Frozen Shadow Keys go on your Key Ring. Use them once to put them on your Key Ring (you’ll get a message they were added to your Key Ring), then they can be destroyed if you wish. Your Key Ring will look like this once you have all Keys:

There are a total of 7 Keys in Tower of Frozen Shadow:

Key 1 – Crystal Key (Key to Floor 2)
 Key 2 Three Toothed Key (Key to Floor 3)
Key 3 Frosty Key (Key to Floor 4)
Key 4 Small Rusty Key (Key to Floor 5)
Key 5 Bone Finger Key (Key to Floor6)
Key 6Large Metal Key (Key to Floor 7)
Key 7 Tserrina’s Key (Master Key – Access to all Floors. Can also skip straight for Floor 7.)


If you can get someone who is already keyed to port you to the last floor then you can farm
Tserrina’s Key
only and have access to the whole zone.


Access to Floor 2: Crystal Key

 Crystal Key drops on Floor 1 from a large undead gnoll. It is a random spawn that spawns upon death of any mob on the floor.


 Access to Floor 3:  Three Toothed Key

 Three Toothed Key drops on Floor 2 from an angry librarian. It is a random spawn that spawns upon death of any mob on the floor.


Access to Floor 4:  Frosty Key

Frosty Key drops on Floor 3 from an enraged shadow beast. It is a random spawn that spawns upon death of any mob on the floor.


Access to Floor 5:  Small Rusty Key

Small Rusty Key drops on Floor 4 from Cara Omica. She spawns only after Amontehepna is killed. Amontehepna is a rare spawn where any mob on the floor seems to be a PH. Once Amontehepna dies then Cara Omica spawns in the crypt room. They both chain cast an unresistable spin-stun.

Access to Floor 6:  Bone Finger Key

Bone Finger Key drops on Floor 5 from an enraged relative. an enraged relative can spawn randomly from any mob (not verified), or has 100% spawn chance upon death of “an undead usher”. Basically,  just clear the floor until an enraged relative pops.


Access to Floor 7:   Large Metal Key

 Large Metal Key drops on Floor 6 from Vhal`Sera. He will spawn upon death of a particular mob: an ice shade. You’re looking for one that has a pet. It will con as a rare spawn. Once killed, Vhal’Sera spawns in Floor 6B. Floor 6A and 6B require a mirror click to traverse between. The shades spawn on  6A and Vhal’Sera spawns on 6B.

Vhal’Sera is level 45 and casts an unresistable spin-stun.

Master Key:  Tserrina’s Key

Tserrina’s Key drops from Tserrina Syl`Tor on the 7th floor. She spawns at random upon death of a shrouded bat. Respawn on these is quite long (40-45 min). If Tserrina Syl`Tor  doesn’t spawn you’ll get an enraged vampire spawn instead.

The bat that spawns her will be a rare con:


– Level 51
– Casts spin stun
– High Magic Resist (possibly immune)
– Hits 150ish


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