Bone Crafted Key
Access to Paineel Elevator

Bone Crafted Key allows you to open the elevator going down to Paineel. Obtaining this is just a faction grind. You’ll need to be amiably (approx. 100 into it) with Heretics.

Once you have the faction say “I need a key” to one of the skeleton guards up top to receive your key.

You can get faction by:

1) Killing Kobalds in The Warrens. You can also loot Kobald Molar and turn them in to Royal Guard Lilkus  (in Paineel) for additional faction, but you’ll need someone to let you down until you get the key yourself. You will get 7 faction or so per turn-in. You can likely do this starting at dubious faction (unconfirmed).


2) Killing Erudin Guards. This is may be faster if you kill quick but only do this if you’re ok with ruining Erudin faction. 

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