Crypt of Decay  Raid Guide
Carprin Deatharn + Bertoxxulous



Carprin Deatharn Event

Carprin Deatharn is the trigger mob for an event that gives the flag to the Bertoxxulous area (basement) of Crypt of Decay. When aggroed, he also spawns 3 adds. Kill the guards first. When you do Carprin will respawn, then you can kill Carprin.

– Hits 1500+
– Slowable
– Approx 150K HP
– Spawns 3 adds upon Aggro
– Casts Gift of Hate (20% chance to mem blur)
– Procs Theft of Life (Single Target, 3500 Lifetap DD, – 200 Magic Based)
– Immune to Disease

Named will spawn in the following order after Carprin Deatharn is killed. Kill one named to spawn the next further in. Once all are dead Hail Tarkil Adan for your flag. He only gives out 36.

Avhi Escron – Permarooted, Hits 1,800+
Bishop Toluwon – Flurries, Hits 2,000+
Raex Pwodill and Vindor Mawnil – Hits 1,900+ and 1,400+
High Priest Ultor Szanvon – Hits 2,100+
Tarkil Adan – Hail for flag to Bertoxxulous’ Lair

You will get a key on your Key Ring:

Bertoxxulous Event

Bertoxxulous is the boss of an event that takes in the basement of Crypt of Decay. In order to click down into the basement you’ll need to have received the flag for completing the Carprin Deatharn event above. Once flagged, you can access the basement by clicking the chair at the zone in.

Note: The chair click to the basement can be buggy. You may get the message “You do not meet the requirements for entering Ruins of Lxanvom.” when clicking the zone-in chair just after obtaining the Carprin flag. To fix this, you can drop an item on the ground and pick it up, or you can zone out and back in. This should fix the  issue when you click the chair.

The event is on a 3-day timer (with variance). The trigger mob is Spectre of Corruption.
Kill Spectre of Corruption and waves of mobs will begin to spawn. You’ll see this emote signifying the beginning of the event:

“Crazed laughter is heard as you notice a foul creature standing before you. The creature then speaks saying, ‘Violaters of the depths of Lxanvom shall pay with your lives!’ The foul minion of decay then begins chanting a dark ritual. Deeper within the depths of the crypt more chanting can be heard.”

Typically 6 – 10 mobs will spawn per wave. Eventually some named will spawn with the waves. There are 12 named total. You’ll see this emote when each named spawns:

“An unsettling feeling of fear passes through you as you hear the summoners finish a dark incantation then cry out saying, ‘We call to you corrupted King of Lxanvom, Darwol Adan, your master has need of you!’ A bestial squeak thunders through the crypt as a foul fiend of Bertoxxulous is summoned forth.”

The last 4 all spawn together (in different tunnels). You’ll see this emote when it happens:

An unsettling feeling of fear passes through you as you hear the summoners finish a dark incantation then cry out saying, ‘We call to you the last corrupted Kings of Lxanvom. Meedo Adan! Qezzin Adan! Pzo Adan! Bhaly Adan! Your master has need of you!’ Four separate howls of rage and despair echo throughout the lower depths of the crypt as four foul fiends of Bertoxxulous are summoned forth.

They spawn in the following order and timestamps if you kill fairly quickly. This may vary depending on your kill speed:

Spectre of Corruption (Event start)
Darwol Adan (Minute 10)
Feig Adan (Minute 11)
Xhut Adan (Minute 12)
Kavilis Adan (Minute 13)

Raddi Adan (Minute 21)
Wavadozzik Adan (Minute 22)
Zandal Adan (Minute 22)
Akkapan Adan (Minute 22)

Meedo Adan (Minute 29)
Qezzin Adan (Minute 29)
Pzo Adan (Minute 29)
Bhaly Adan (Minute 29)

Bertoxxulous (Minute 35)

The waves overall are pretty easy by today’s standards (2020). You’ll want to have your raid stay in the main room while pullers pull mobs from the hallways. About half the named are slowable. Some can hit somewhat hard. The event just takes some time. Use CC/Mez when needed. Hail Planar Projection in the middle of the room when Bertoxxulous dies.

Clicking the green glowing pillar in the middle of the room as it will zone you out.

Bertoxxulous Fight Information

– Hits 2300+
– Slowable
– Rampages
– Casts Rot of the Plaguebringer (PBAE, 500 DD/Small Mana Drain, – 500 Disease Based and curable (72 counter))
– Spawns in main room on along east wall

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