Saryrn Key – Screaming Sphere – Plane of Torment 


You will need to obtain 5 items from around the zone in order to be able to open the door to Saryrn’s Tower.


Orb of Agony – Drop from The Avatar of Agony. Always Drops.
Orb of Anguish – Drop from The Avatar of Anguish. Always Drops.
Orb of Pain – Drop from The Avatar of Pain. Always Drops.
 Orb of Suffering
Drop from The Avatar of Suffering. Always Drops.
  Mouths of Baraguj Szuul
Drops from Baraguj Szuul after a small ring event. Always Drops.



To get the 4 orbs you’ll need to kill PH’s in different areas of the zone. See map for spawn locations.

The Pink circle on the map represents where Baraguj Szuul  spawns. You will want to aggro him (don’t kill) to get ported into his stomach. Kill  the mobs inside and keep dropping down floors until you reach An Unimaginable Horror. There are 4 or 5 floors.  Kill it to get ported back out to Baraguj Szuul. Some trash mobs may aggro when you get ported back out, so be ready.


At this point you can kill Baraguj Szuul. He is a mini raid boss, but can be 1 grouped. Kill him and loot   Mouths of Baraguj Szuul.  This is a 4 slot container. Put your 4x Orbs into it to receive Screaming Sphere!


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