Talisman of Thunderous Foyer Guide
Bastion of Thunder Access


This is not an actual key but a PoP flag that shows up on your Key Ring. It is a required part of Planar Progression. The quest takes place in Plane of Storms. When PoP first releases you’ll want a group for most of this, and 2+ groups for the named.

Step 1 – Farming

You’ll first need to farm the following items:

1x Storm Giant Head
1x Storm Volaas Beard

1x Storm Satuur Sash
1x Storm Taarid Bone
2x Esoteric Medallion


Storm Giant Head

This drops off giants in any of the 3 giant camps in Plane of Storms. It is fairly common.


  Storm Volaas Beard

 This drops off any of the giants in the Southwest camp. It is uncommon.



  Storm Satuur Sash

 This drops off any of the giants in the Northeast camp. It is uncommon.


Storm Taarid Bone

This drops off any of the giants in the Far West camp. It is uncommon.

Esoteric Medallion (Collect 2)

These drop off named giants in each of the camps. You’ll need 2. They are Lore but ID differently. This mean you must get 1 from at least 2 of the 3 camps. You’ll want to bring a few groups for these guys because they can be tough.

Mobs that drop them are:

Southwest Camp
Faruek the Bold
Jeplak, Lord of Srerendi
Paruek the Strong

Northeast Camp
Laruken the Rigid
Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`Vor
Zertuken the Unyielding

Far West Camp
Gurebk, Lord of Krendic
Pendubk the Turbulent
Solnebk the Unruly

Step 2 – Dialogue

1) Locate Askr the Lost (-1250, -2600) and give him Storm Giant Head.
2) Say “continue” twice to receive Askr’s Bag of Verity (container).
Combine Storm Volaas Beard, Storm Satuur Sash, and Storm Taarid Bone in Askr’s Bag of Verity (container) to create Askr’s Sealed Bag of Verity.
Give Askr’s Sealed Bag of Verity to Askr to Lost (receive character flag)
Say “bastion of thunder” to receive another Askr’s Bag of Verity (container).
6) Combine 2x Esoteric Medallion in Askr’s Bag of Verity (container) to receive Esotoric Meld.
7) Give Esotoric Meld to to Askr to Lost (receive character flag)
Run to the middle of the zone and click on the portal to Bastion of Thunder (receive character flag)


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