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Adventurer’s Stone
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Adventurer’s Stone Overview

 Adventurer’s Stone is a stat augment for the Charm slot. It is required to port between the different LDoN camps.

Each player will need to speak to an NPC in their hometown then speak to another NPC in any of the LDoN camps to receive their  Adventurer’s Stone.

Adventurer’s Stone starts with zero stats but eventually gets to 100 HP/Mana and 10 all stats once you complete a certain number of group LDoN missions. The stats on the augment upgrade at certain intervals. Those intervals are outlined below. In order to actually get the upgrades you will need to speak to speak to various NPC’s at various points during your LDoN dungeon grind. You can choose to wait and get the stat upgrades at the end.

Hover to see its max stats:

Adventurer’s Stone

Obtaining  Adventurer’s Stone

First locate the the NPC associated with your hometown. Use the city you origin to. Follow its dialogue fully, eventually it will tell you go to an LDoN camp. You can go to any one (see next paragraph for NPC to talk to in camp).

Ak’Anon – Flapti Bizttrin – MAP
East Cabilis – Zauz Malgorne – MAP
East Freeport – Miocaei Herlsas – MAP
Erudin – Orwin Flintmaker – MAP
Erudin Palace – Ienala Eceiaiu – MAP
Halas – Jowra McGynnall – MAP
Grobb – Blorgok Gkapbron – MAP
Kelethin (Greater Faydark) – Enyaanuia Windancer – MAP
Rathe Mountains – Fipnoc Birribit – MAP
Neriak Commons – Kwilrz Vn`Ycxa – MAP
Neriak Third Gate – Torxal Smalane – MAP
North Kaladim – Halthar Mowestone – MAP
North Qeynos – Drun Vorwig – MAP
Northern Felwithe – Larroniae Huial – MAP
Oggok – Puwdap – MAP
Paineel – Yenlr Undraie – MAP
Qeynos Aqueducts – Dollin Nusmag – MAP
Rivervale – Jimbledorp Heptybak – MAP
Shar Vahl – Vlarha Myticla – MAP
South Kaladim – Kennelia Gwieal – MAP
South Qeynos – Warehnn Awlne – MAP
Southern Felwithe – Thwinose Vilgarn – MAP
Surefall Glades – Narwkend Falgon – MAP
West Cabilis – Yzilimn Pxikn – MAP
West Freeport – Genniau Noghce – MAP

– When Crescent Reach is out: Crescent Reach – Vladnelg Galvern
– There are two more of these mobs but they seem just tell you to go to your hometown. It is unclear to me if these are still for anything at this time:

West Karana – Melaara Tenwinds – MAP
Rathe Mountains – Nemeen Pekasr – MAP

After speaking to your hometown NPC say the following dialogue to one of the NPC’s below at one of the LDoN camps to receive your  Adventurer’s Stone

“favor journal”
“morden rasp”

Vual Stoutest

Barstre Songweaver

Teria Grinntli

North Ro
Ruanya Windleaf

South Ro
Selephra Giztral


Upgrading Adventurer’s Stone

You need to complete the following amount of missions in each theme for a fully upgraded augment:

Deepest Guk (South Ro) – 70
Miragul’s (Everfrost) – 68
Mistmoore (Butcherblock) – 76
Rujarkan (Commonlands) – 74
Takish (North Ro) – 78
Total: 366

You’ll also need to Hail certain NPC’s to get the actual charm upgrades. There is an NPC in each camp (see below) that will tell you which other NPC’s to talk to. Sometimes just the one in the camp will give you upgrades, other times they will tell you go to Hail someone else.

Each Hail will give an emote like this as you progress:

If you need to do more adventures you’ll get this emote:

When the charm actually gets an upgrade you’ll get this emote:

These upgrades supposedly occur at the 2, 15, 30, 50 and last win marks for each camp (not 100% verified but may be close to actual values — 2 at the minimum doesn’t seem to be accurate though). Notice that it tells you who to speak to next at a certain point.

When you finish the upgrades from a camp you’ll see this:

NPC’s involved with the Hails for each camp:

Takish (North Ro)
Ruanya Windleaf – North Ro – Adventure Camp (Wood Elf, Female)
Farwein Windrun – South Ro – Adventure Camp (Wood Elf, Male)
Niflel Faliwae – Greater Faydark – MAP

Deepest Guk (South Ro)
Selephra Giztral – South Ro – Adventure Camp (Froglok)
Bealya Tanilsua – Commonlands – MAP
Deblik Grumblok – Innothule Swamp – MAP

Mistmoore (Butcherblock)
Vual Stoutest – Butcherblock – Adventure Camp (Dwarf)
Henai Silentwalker – Dagnor’s Cauldron – MAP
Elwinn Prelliaen – Lesser Faydark – MAP

Rujarkan (Commonlands)
Barstre Songweaver – Commonlands – Adventure Camp (Half Elf)
Ginehl Wiquar – West Freeport – MAP
Shumpi Wimahnn – Highpass Hold – MAP

Miragul’s (Everfrost)
Teria Grinntli – Everfrost – Adventure Camp (Vah Shir)
Ubzial Iyeaql – Qeynos Hills – MAP



Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem

Once your your  Adventurer’s Stone is fully upgraded and you have hailed all NPC’s, give it to Chaenz Abella (Erudite) in the Commonlands Tunnel LDoN Camp to receive Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem. This is the same item with a different name. You will get an achievement!

Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem


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