Shrine Key Guide



The  Shrine Key allows you to to zone into Skyshrine from the Cobalt Scar entrance. It also goes on your key ring.

There are two options to get the Key. They both start with Ziglark Whisperwing in Skyshrine.  He spawns fairly close to the zone in.

Option 1 – Kill

Simply kill Ziglark Whisperwing and he will drop the Shrine Key. He is roughly 37 and only hits for around 100. Appears to be 100% drop rate. Respawn timer not tested, but may be as low as 20-25 minutes.

I’ve seen reports that mobs in his room assist but when I attack at level 65 they do not (at Ally faction), even if I run next to other mobs and sit down while I have aggro, but if you’re KoS they will definitely aggro.  Mobs in his room are around the same level as him . The faction it from killing him is almost nothing so this is the easiest route:


Option 2 – Quest

You can do the quest that Ziglark Whisperwing offers. I did it at Ally faction but you can apparently do it at Warmly (exact faction unconfirmed).

1) Say “deliver payment” to Ziglark Whisperwing to receive Message to Wenglawks

2) Go to Kael and locate Wenglawks Kkeak. He will be indifferent con but there are KoS mobs around him. Give him Message to Wenglawks and 200pp to receive Message to Herald.


3) Go back to Ziglark Whisperwing in Skyshrine. Give him Message to Herald to receive Shrine Key.


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