Key to Charasis – Access to Howling Stones

Key to Charasis will grant you access to Howling Stones (Charasis). It’s a simple quest that requires getting two items, Jade Chokidai Prod and Xalgozian Fang.

Jade Chokidai Prod (Droppable, check the Bazaar) – Drops in Lake of Ill Omen from Chancellor of Di`zok. He is located in the Throne Room of the Sarnak Fort. His PH is a sarnak chancellor. Make sure to check the Bazaar also as this item is tradable.


Xalgozian FangDrops in Kaesora from Xalgoz. He has a PH, but Xalgoz will spawn roughly 50% of the time. He was already up when I checked on him so I don’t have the PH name. The screenshots however show his spawn location.



Take Jade Chokidai Prod and Xalgozian Fang to Swap of No Hope and give them to Dugroz to receive Key to Charasis!