Hand of Glory Key Guide


The Hand of Glory allows you to open locked doors in Howling Stones (Charasis). You’ll need to gather four ground spawns around the zone (one per wing); then combine them in a container (which is one of the 4 spawns) to create the key.

Note: All items except Blood Encrusted Glove (4-slot container) are tradable.

Quick Checklist

[  ] Loot Ground spawn – Intricate Toothed Ring
[  ] Loot Ground spawn – Ring-Scored Talon
[  ] Loot Ground spawn – Petrified Talonless Claw
[  ] Loot Ground spawn – Blood Encrusted Glove (4-slot container)
[  ] Combine Intricate Toothed RingRing-Scored Talon, and Petrified Talonless Claw in  – Blood Encrusted Glove (4-slot container) to create Hand of Glory.
[  ] Click on a locked door to add it to your key ring. A locked door near the zone-in is easiest.


Ground Spawn Map



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