Akheva Ruins Raid Guide

The Va’Dyn

The Va’Dyn is an easy boss and can be 1-2 grouped in era. The is one of the easier targets to get an orb for the VT Key quest.

– Hits 750+
– Flurries
– Slowable
– Casts Storm Tremor (PBAE, 100 DD + 2 second stun, -300 Magic Based)
– Easier raid boss
– HP Estimate (200-300k?)
– Low resists

The Itraer Vius

The Itraer Vius is an easier boss fight, but has a lot of HP. He is permarooted. He has 4x lifetaker guards near him. They can be pulled and killed before engaging the boss. They will respawn in open world but not in an instance. The main tank should tank with his back towards the broken stone behind the boss because The Itraer Vius does a blind+knockback on the tank.

– Hits 850+
– Rampages
– Cannot be slowed
– Perma-rooted
– Casts Itraer Vius Touch (Single Target, Blind + knockback, Unresistable, Cure Cure (9 counters)
– Casts Touch of the Mistress (PBAE, -100 HP DoT/500 DD/-100 STR, -300 Magic Based, Curse Cure (9 counters)
– Approx 1.6 million HP

The Insanity Crawler


The Insanity Crawler seems to be up by default in an instance. In open world it is said he is triggered by spawning and killing worm traps, however I was unable to get him to spawn after an hour or two of killing traps around the zone. Iam still looking for more information on this. This is an easy fight.

– Hits 500+
– Slowable
– Low resists to magic/fire/ice
– Low HP

Shei Vinitras

When you first see Shei Vinitras up you’ll see his “fake” version. Killing this spawns his “real” version in the same spot. Pull the fake version out of the room and kill it out of line-of-sight of his spawn point. You need to do this because the “real” version casts a Unresisatable Death Touch on its first aggro target, and every 2 minutes after that. It’s easiest to have someone designated to taunt and absorb the Death Touch when it’s about to happen.

Additionally, anytime anyone dies a mob will spawn in their place.

The Shei Vinitras room has 2 auras: One is a mana drain, the other is a small stun. This is the most difficult fight in Akheva Ruins.

Room Auras:
– Thought Vortex (PBAE, -350 Mana, 8 sec recast, Unresistable)
– Storm Tremor (PBAE, 100 DD/2 second stun, Magic Based)

“Fake” Shei Vinitras:
– Hits 500+
– Slowable
– No real notable abilities
– Kill him to spawn “Real” Shei Vinitras in the room

“Real” Shei Vinitras:
– Hits 1,000+
– Slowable
– Rampages
– Permarooted
– Casts Touch of Vinitras (Single Target, Death Touch, Unresistable, 2 minute recast)
– Casts Chromatic Disruption (PBAE, -120 Resist All/50 HP DoT, -150 Magic Based)
– Most spells land
– When you aggro him initially a few adds spawn (4?)


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