Ancient Researcher’s Symbol Quest Guide


Step 1

Locate Alexsa Whyte in Abysmal Sea. She’s in the same room as the Magus Pellen.

“Hail” her
Say “willing to help” to receive Vaifan’s Pocket Sampling Device (2-slot container).

Step 2

Loot 10x Distilled Salts in Natimbi. They are ground spawns along the shore of the water area. See map for locations. I was able to locate 5 ground spawns, which means you’ll need to come back later to get 5 more. I am not sure if there are more. Approx. 1 hour respawn? (unconfirmed).

Step 3

You’ll need to farm 10x Tongues that drop off of various mobs in Gates of Discord. The ones that drop from trash mobs can be super rare, so expect to spend some time farming them. You can farm them in any Gates of Discord zone that has the correct mob type.

Each of the Tongues drop off mobs of their mob Type. For example Mastruq Tongue drop off of “mastruq” type mobs, Noc Tongue drop off “noc” type mobs, etc.

Aneuk Tongue
Ikaav Tongue
Ixt Tongue
Kyv Tongue
Mastruq Tongue
Noc Tongue
Ra’Tuk Tongue
Ukun Tongue

The final two are raid drops:

Tongue of the Tunat’muram – Drops off the final boss of Tacvi: Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax

Tongue of the Zun’muram – Drops off:
“Zun’Muram” type raid bosses in Tacvi
Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk in Txevu
Zun`Muram Votal in Ferubi.


Step 4

Combine each of the Tongues with a Distilled Salt in Vaifan’s Pocket Sampling Device (2-slot container) to create 10x Samples.


Step 5

1) Locate Alexsa Whyte in Abysmal Sea.

2) Hand in the 8 Samples from the trash mobs first (All except Zun’Muram and Tunat’Muram), upon turning in the 8th you’ll receive Alexsa’s Research Notes. This item isn’t used for anything.

Full Dialogue can be viewed >> HERE <<

3) Turn in the remaining two raid boss samples to receive Assistant Researcher’s Symbol!

Full Dialogue can be viewed >> HERE <<



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