Bard 1.5 Epic Pre-Quest Guide


This quest will make you eligible to start the Bard 1.5 Epic quest if you have not completed the Bard 1.0 Epic.

Step 1

Go to Wakening Lands. Use tracking to find  a giant herald NPC. Kill it and loot Storm Giant Hearld Head. You need 3 heads total so you’ll need to locate and kill 3 a giant herald. They can be spread out so you may need to run around a bit.

Note: Step 1 and Step 2 can be done at same same time.



Step 2

Now you’ll want to track a giant messenger. Kill it and loot Kromzek Supply Orders. You only need one of these.


Step 3

Find Lantaric’Dar (-420, +4000) in Wakening Lands. Hand him the items in the following order:

1) First give him Storm Giant Hearld Head (all 3 at once).

2) Next give him Kromzek Supply Orders.

Turning in Kromzek Supply Orders will give dialogue but also spawns some ogres in the caves on the south side of the zone. You’ll need to kill Cristoc Bonethug, the main ogre. Move onto Step 4.



Step 4

Find Cristoc Bonethug (-2450, +500), he will spawn in the caves after the Kromzek Supply Order is turned-in in Step 3. He is surrounded by some additional ogres who all assist. A small group can handle this. Kill them and  loot Sealed Letter from Cristoc Bonethug.

Step 5

Go back to Lantaric’Dar (-420, +4000) in Wakening Lands. Give him Sealed Letter to receive dialogue.



Step 6

Go to Iceclad Ocean and locate Vas Thorel (-5600, +8600) at south end of zone.

– Hail him, he should respond with: Greetings Surad. What brings you to this frigid place?

– Say “Lantaric`Dar sent me“. Note: You may also be able to just say: Lantaric sent me

This spawns a bunch of giants and Necromancer NPC’s in front of the nearby bridge. Kill everything. You may need a group for this in era, although I just stomped it with a high level character. Loot the 4 heads and the scroll:

Puella’s Head
Amilia’s Head
Locis’ Head
Xeegarn’s Head
Sealed Kromzek Scroll

Step 7

Run back over to  Vas Thorel (-5600, +8600). Give it Sealed Kromzek Scroll. It will despawn.


Step 8

Go back to Lantari`Dar (-420, +4000) in Wakening Lands. Give it Puella’s Head, Amilia’s Head, Locis’ Head, Xeegarn’s Head to complete your quest. You are now eligible to begin the 1.5 Bard Epic! You’ll receive the following emote:



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