Bards are a jack of all trades, because of this it’s generally best to just pick items that have the most overall the most stats on them. The best stats will be AC, HP, Stamina, Strength, and Dexterity. You’ll also want Instrument modifiers, Haste, and an item to pull with (see ranged). Resist items can also be useful for pulling. Some resist options are given.

Below are stats you can expect with the gear below. Your results will vary depending on which items you choose, your race, and starting stats.

If I missed a better item in any slot, feel free to let me know in Discord.


Slot Item Drop Location
Selo`s Drums of the March
Percussion: 14

Denon’s Horn of Disaster
Brass: 15

McVaxius` Horn of War
Brass: 14

Kelin`s Seven Stringed Lute
String: 14

Lyssa`s Darkwood Piccolo
Wind: 14

Ervaj’s Flute of Flight
Wind: 12

Unicorn Horn
Wind: 12

SolB: Lord Nagafen

PoSky Bard Quest

Permafrost: Lady Vox

PoHate: Maestro of Rancor

PoFear: Dread/Fright/Terror

PoSky Bard Quest

Lesser Faydark: Equestrielle the Corrupted
Spear of Harmony
PoSky Bard Quest
Serpent’s Tooth
The Hole – Master Yael
Black Sapphire Electrum Earring
AC/HP Option (Can wear 2)

Diamondine Earring
AC/HP/Strength (Can wear 2)

Blue Diamond Electrum Earring
Resist Option (Can wear 2)


Mistmoore Castle: Lasna Cheroon/Princess Cherista (unconfirmed)

Neck Amulet of the Fae
PoSky Bard Quest
Face Mask of Song
PoSky Bard Quest
Head Hammerhead Helm
STR/STA Option

Skull-Shaped Barbute
HP/MR Option

Crown of King Tranix
Magic Resist Option

Crown of the Froglok Kings
Fire/Cold Resist Option

Kedge Keep: Cauldronbubble

Lower Guk: the ghoul lord

SolB: King Tranix

Lower Guk: the froglok king
Djarn’s Amethyst Ring
HP Option 1

Platinum Fire Wedding Ring
HP Option 2 (Can wear 2)

Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring
Resist Option (Can wear 2)

SolB: Djarn’s Amethyst Ring


Wrists Granite Bracer
AC/STR/STAM (Can wear 2)

Imbrued Platemail Bracer
Alternate (Can wear 2)

Hero Bracers
Alternate – STR

Rathe Mountains: Petrifin

PoHate: a scorn banshee/thought destroyer

Golden Efreeti Vambraces
PoSky: Noble Dojorn/Overseer of Air/the Hand of Veeshan
Hands Gauntlets of Fiery Might
Lord Nagafen (Classic), Kunark Dragons (Kunark+)
Shoulders Mantle of the Songweaver
PoSky Bard Quest
Chest Imbrued Platemail Breastplate
BiS Overall Stats

Lambent Breastplate
Alternate – HP/Stam

Red Dragonscale Armor
MR/FR/STR Option

PoHate: a scorn banshee/thought destroyer

Temple of Sol Ro: Quest


Back Cloak of Flames
BiS – 36% Haste

Shield of the Immaculate
Alternate – STR Option

Lord Nagafen (Classic), Talendor/Ixiblat Fer (Kunark)

PoHate: Lord of Ire, PoHate (LDoN revamp): an eerie chest

Waist Bone-Clasped Girdle

Runed Bolster Belt
Alternate – 31% Haste

PoFear 1.0: a dracoliche

Lady Vox (Classic), Kunark Dragons (Kunark)

Legs Imbrued Platemail Greaves
PoHate: a scorn banshee/thought destroyer
Feet Imbrued Platemail Boots
PoHate: a scorn banshee/thought destroyer
Ranged/Ammo Antonian Javelin
250 Range
112 Blacksmithing

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