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This list contains some of the most useful and/or class defining items that will improve quality of life. Keep in mind not all clickies are included. Some are more useful than others. Get what works for you.

**Also check out the Illusion Guide for additional Bard clickies (some give statistic buffs)**


Amulet of Necropotence
Instant Cast Illusion – PoFear – Dread, Fright, Terror, Cazic

Journeyman’s Boots
Run Speed Buff – Journeyman’s Boots Quest

Shield of the Immaculate
Cure Disease – PoHate – Lord of Ire (Classic-PoP), an eerie chest (LDoN+)



Blazing Vambraces
12 pt DS, (can cast on others) – Zordakalicus Ragefire – Cleric 1.0 Skyfire Dragon

Bracer of the Hidden
Instant See invisible (can cast on others) – Lake of Ill Omen – a sarnak chancellor/a sarnak legionnaire. Rare.

Breath of Harmony
Niv’s Melody of Preservation (HP Regen/+Strength/Spell Shield – Old Sebilis – blood of chottal

Fungus Covered Great Staff (pre-nerf)
– Old Sebilis – myconid spore king (King’s Court Casino Later – GoD)

Goblin Gazughi Ring
Invis vs. Animals – Lake of Ill Omen – a sarnak courier

Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring
Instant Attack Buff – Warsliks Woods – Grachnist the Destroyer

Singing Steel Set
Various Clicks
– Old Sebilis/Karnor’s Castle — See Hover Link




Drums of the Beast
Enduring Breath – Siren’s Grotto – shimmering sea spirit

Girdle of Living Thorns
AC + DS buff – PoGrowth – Tunare

Flowers of Functionality
+50 Resist – 1.0 Plane of Mischief Card Quest

Nature’s Melody
Haste/Melee Stats/AC BuffPlane of Growth – Tunare

Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV
Instant 10 HP Regen/Atk/DS buff – Dain Frostreaver IV Quest

Tri-Plated Golden Hackle Hammer
Arch Shielding – Dain Frostreaver IV Quest

Trident of the Deep Sea
10% Cold Slow (Proc) – Temple of Veeshan – Lord Koi`Doken


Bracelet of the Shadow Hive
1 sec shrink (can cast on others) – Vex Thal – Diabo Xi Xin Thall

Bone Earring of Evasion
Invis vs. Undead – Vex Thal – Va Xi Aten Ha Ra

Breastplate of the Void
225 HP, 40 CR/MR Buff – Ssraeshza Temple – Vyzh`dra the Cursed

Denon’s Drums of Declivity
Occlusion of Sound – Vex Thal – Thall Va Kelun

Dusty Soriz Worker Pouch
Summons 170 range throwing item – Ssraeshza Temple – Hilog Jarsath

Horn of Shadows
Energy Sap (Slow) – Vex Thal – Thall Xundraux Diabo

Shadowsong Cloak
Harmonize (+.9% increase Singing skill) – Akheva Ruins – Shei Vinitras

Sigil Earring of Veracity
Instant Cast Self Acumen – Katta Castellum – Quest

Tiny Cloak of Darkest Night
Shroud of Stealth (Invis) – Fungus Grove – Katcha

Torque of the Wyrmlord
300 HP, 30 STAM, 20 CHA (Brells Line) – Ssraeshza Temple – Ssraeshza Temple

Voice of the Serpent
Resonance (+.6% increase Singing skill)
– Ssraeshza Temple — Disciple Yelwinz

Fused Mnemonic of Khati Sha
Spirit of Wolf (self-only) – Katta Castellum – Quest

Yttrium Studded Leather Boots
Spirit of Wolf (self only) – Sanctus Seru – Lord Inquisitor Seru


Planes of Power

Band of Primordial Energy
AC Buff (AA Grant) – PoTime – Rallos Zek

Boots of the Mosquito
Invis vs. Animals – Temple of Cazic Thule 2.0 – a virulent mosquito

Bangle of Disease Warding
Resist Disease (Instant-cast) – PoDisease – Grimror Plaguebringer (CoD Alt Access Quest)

Club of Slime
10% Cold Slow (Proc) – PoEarth – Tribal Leader Diseranon

Cloak of Retribution
20 pt DS – PoTime – Cazic Thule

Composer’s Set
Selo’s Chorus (Run Speed) / Warsong of Zek (Haste)  – PoP Ornate Armor Quest

Eye of Dreams
+400 Mana AA – PoTime – Bertoxxulous

Girdle of Intense Durability
15 pt DS – PoTime – Saryrn

Lute of Flowing Waters
Wind of Marr – PoWater – Grioihin the Wise

Serrated Dart of Energy
25 atk – PoTime – Innoruuk

Songblade of the Eternal
Group Haste (Buff) – PoTime – Innoruuk

The Binden Concerrentia
Gate to PoKnowledge – PoP Quest

Ton Po’s Mystical Pouch
Summons Ninja Stars – 250 Range – PoTime – Rallos Zek

Veil of the Inferno
+180 HP (AA Grant) – PoTime – Bertoxxulous

War Drums of the Rathe
Tuyen’s Chant of the Plague (Disease DoT/Debuff) – PoEarthA – Peregrin Rockskull

Lost Dungeons of Norrath

Cloak of the Fleeting Foot
Spirit of Wolf (Can cast on others)
– LDoN Raid – War March of Imal Ojun

Crimson Bauble of Rites
+25 Attack
– LDoN Raid – The Rescue

Singing Stone Bracer
Harmony of Sound – Raid: Hidden Vale of Deceit

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