You can pre-farm the items on Steps 8 and 10 if you choose.

Step 1

Go to Lake of Ill Omen (-100, -3400) to see Keras McArik. Say “great stride” to receive two items: Medal of Blood and Throwing Axe of the Spirit.


Step 2

While still in Lake of Ill Omen, head over to Lingering Axefall (+84, +2500)See map. Give him Throwing Axe of the Spirit to receive 3x Bore Axes of the Spirit. Put these Axes in your ranged slot and hotkey “ranged attack”.

Say “defeat” to Lingering Axefall, he will begin follow you around. Go a little north over the hill and you’ll see Impervious Bloodbeast (see map). You can use the Axes to ranged down Impervious Bloodbeast . You’ll only get 3 Axes at a time but can hail Lingering Axefall for 3 more once you use your 3. This can take a long time. He has a decent amount of HP

You can also melee him down or bring others to help. Just don’t let Lingering Axefall die or Impervious Bloodbeast will despawn. If this happens just wait 5 minutes or so and Lingering Axefall will respawn. Once Impervious Bloodbeast is dead loot Bloodbeast Tooth.

Step 3

While still in Lake of Ill Omen, head back to Keras McArik (-100, -3400). Give him Medal of Blood and Bloodbeast Tooth to receive McArik-Crafted Bandage and Medal of Mirages.

Next say “ready for this challenge” to receive Sealed Note for Mardic.

**The bandages are for the next step but are not really that useful. They are not required to complete the Epic.


Step 4

Go to Field of Bone and find Mardic Crimsonsteel (+2100, +3600) See map. Give him Sealed Note for Mardic to be ported into a room. You must do this solo.

Inside you will see Berserker’s Image. It is a level 46 mob. It’s a trivial fight even at 46 as long as you have solid buffs and a HoT Potion. **You can use the bandages from Step 3 if you choose. They have a heal clicky with a long cast time — the Image will stop attacking at certain times you give you time to cast it.** Kill it and loot Axe of Lost Souls. Say “return” in the empty room to be ported back to Mardic Crimsonsteel. At this point hail Mardic Crimsonsteel to receive Image Essence. You do not need to hand anything into him.

Step 5

Go back to Keras McArik (-100, -3400) in Lake of Ill Omen. Give him Medal of Mirages and Image Essence to receive Medal of Strategy.

Next say “strategize in battle” to receive Note for Treanik.

Step 6

Head to Dagnor’s Cauldron and find Treanik Ireblade (-1600, +200). Give her Note for Treanik. Follow dialogue and say “beast fights” then “sense of strategy”.

Next find Praklion of the Cauldron (-550, -1500) in the water. This is a level 60 mob and may need a group or two in era? It casts Slumber (PBAE Mesmerize, -1000 Magic Resist). Just wait it out if it casts it. It will swim away at both 30% and 70% HP. Let him run when he does. He will regen HP along the way. You will see the following e-motes when he swims away:

If you kill him too fast and don’t let the script run he will not drop the Axe. See the map below  for his stop points. You can then attack him again when he stops. Kill him and loot Treanik’s Tarnished Axe. If he is not up, he spawns at 11 PM game time.

While in Dagnor’s Cauldron go back to Treanik Ireblade (-1600, +200) and give her Treanik’s Tarnished Axe to receive Bone Trinket.


Step 7
Go back to Keras McArik (-100, -3400) in Lake of Ill Omen. Give him Medal of Strategy and Bone Trinket to receive Medal of Fervid Rage.

Go through his dialogue saying “ready”, “never control the rage”, “face one”, “enraged essence”. You may not have to go through this dialogue but you may as well while you’re here.


Step 8

Go to Plane of Fear. Kill a scarling mobs. They spawn around the zone. A tracker helps here. Eventually Enraged Imp will spawn at the corpse of one of the scarling mobs. This is a random spawn and can take a while. Kill Enraged Imp to spawn Ireblind Imp. Kill Ireblind Imp and loot Burning Essence of Rage.

Ireblind Imp info:
– Casts Shocking Aura (PBAE Mez, -1000 Magic Based)
– Spawns Essence of Rage adds
– Bring a strong group

Step 9
Go back to Keras McArik (-100, -3400) in Lake of Ill Omen. Give him Burning Essence of Rage and Medal of Fervid Rage to receive Medal of Hunting.

Then say “must do” to receive McArik Reagent Satchel (4 slot container).


Step 10

You’ll need to farm 4 items:

Decaying Liver
Gnashing Kobold Paw
Scent Gland
Philter of Major Translation

Combine all 4 items into McArik Reagent Satchel to create Bag of Image Essence Dust. Once you have Bag of Image Essence Dust move onto Step 11.


Decaying Liver – Drops in Emerald Jungle from a Disease-Ridden Gorilla. The PH is a tottering ape. This PH spawns at -1530, -90 then it immediately starts to roam the zone. In order to find a tottering ape you should bring a tracker. It can roam pretty far away. I found it in the very Northwest of the zone up near the Severilous spawn area. You can have 1 person stand at the PH spot and have your tracker find and kill a tottering ape. After killed, 5 minutes later the a tottering ape or Disease- Ridden Gorilla will spawn at -1530, -90. You can also use Highsun if you have a Bard. Now you can just stand at this location and wait for respawns. This camp can take a while so have some patience. Eventually Disease-Ridden Gorilla will spawn. Always drops.

**There are serveral ape/gorilla type mobs with similar names, but only one a tottering ape. Make sure you are looking for the correct mob.**


Gnashing Kobold Paw – Drops in Stonebrunt Mountains from Gnashing Kobold (+1900 +2350). Level 45. Easy solo fight. PH is a kobold. Respawn is approx 5 minutes. Always drops.


Scent Gland – Drops in Toxxulia Forest from Reeking Skunk. Having a tracker here helps. He spawns in the noob area. I was able to get Reeking Skunk to spawn fairly quickly (within 20 minutes) by just killing skunks. You can kill other low level mobs if you wish, but focus on skunks as a priority. Always drops.


Philter of Major Translation – Made with Shaman Alchemy tradeskill. Tradable. Check the Bazaar


Step 11

Go back to Keras McArik (-100, -3400) in Lake of Ill Omen. Give him  Bag of Image Essence Dust and  Medal of Hunting to receive Medal of Mastery.

Step 12

Bring 1000pp

Go to Warsliks Woods and find Lurking Hopeful (+180, +620). Shes only up between 11pm and 7am game time. Give her 1000pp, she will depawn. Now go north along the shore a bit until you see Raving Goblinmaster. He won’t attack at this point. Say “I am a berserker and i am ready”. This causes him to run north along the shoreline. Follow him.

Along the way you will see 3 seperate packs of 5x a frantic goblin. Kill these packs. Lastly you’ll run into 1 pack of 3x Ferocious Goblin. Kill these also. Keep moving north along the shore to the final fight spot (see map).

Once Raving Goblinmaster is at the final fight spot. Hail him. He will attack. Hits for approx 500. A group of 65’s should be more than enough for this. Kill him and loot Maniac’s Garbled Tome.

Step 13 – Final Turn In

Go back to Keras McArik (-100, -3400) in Lake of Ill Omen. Give him Maniac’s Garbled Tome and Medal of Mastery to receive your 1.0 Epic:  Kerasian Axe of Ire!!




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