You must have either completed the Cleric 1.0 Epic or the Cleric 1.5 Pre-Quest to begin this quest.

Potentially Pre-farmable Steps

**Not all are 100% confirmed pre-lootable, just something you may want to review before beginning the quest. This is assuming OoW is unlocked**

Step 4
Step 9
Step 10
Step 17
Step 18

Step 1

Go to Nedaria’s Landing and find Tavon Vastsea. He is standing next to the Magus.

– “Hail” him, then say “information

Step 2

Go to Barindu, Hanging Gardens and locate Jomaj Kaiijin ( +135, -665). Say “note” to him. This spawns Kyv Runner, who immediately attacks. hits 800+. Flurries. Kill it. Bring 1 group for this in era. You’ll receive an emote upon its death:


Step 3

While still in Barindu, Hanging Gardens mass kill mobs until Encrypted Note drops. Mine dropped off a ra’tuk decapitator. This is a rare drop and may take some time.

Note 1): If in range, you should see an emote each time it doesn’t drop (This will tell you you’re on the correct part of the quest).

Note 2): You may also see “you notice a note clutched in the hands of the corpse” upon death of the mob that actually has the Encrypted Note, so keep an eye out for this emote. To be safe, it is recommended to stay close to the mobs when they die.

Step 4

Go to Ferubi, Forgotten Temple of Taelosia and mass kill trash until you get 4 drops.



Ripped Quarter of a Map (generally drops on North side of zone)
 Tattered Quarter of a Map
(generally drops on North side of zone)

 Shredded Quarter of a Map (generally drops on South side of zone)
 Torn Quarter of a Map (generally drops on South side of zone)

 These are uncommon to rare. Expect to spend some time here.

Step 5

Go to The Abysmal Sea and locate Shav the Cryptologist (-160, -300). She is underneath the ships deck.

First, give her Encrypted Note by itself. You’ll get an emote:

Next, give her the following 4 items:
 Ripped Quarter of a Map
 Tattered Quarter of a Map

 Shredded Quarter of a Map
 Torn Quarter of a Map

 You’ll receive Assembled Map

Step 6

Go to Nedaria’s Landing and find Cartographer Tweister (+1000, +2700) on the north dock. Give her Assembled Map to receive an emote:

Step 7

Bring a few groups to Lesser Faydark and locate Taskmaster Mirot (-65, +3435) inside a tent. You will see a bunch of a Wayfarer’s near him. Hail him. He will despawn and all the Wayfarers will attack. Kill them all.

Once the Wayfarers are dead a group of  Reanimated Minions (about 7) will spawn along with Taskmaster Mirot. He is Level 75, hits for 800+, AE Rampages, and casts Wave of Death (PBAE, 6 second stun, Feign Death, 500DD, Cold Based)

Kill everything and loot Magically Sealed Letter from his corpse. Casts “Wave of Death”. A chest with loot spawns.



Step 8

Go back to Nedaria’s Landing and locate Tavon Vastsea. Give him Magically Sealed Letter to receive Dark Disciples Notice of Service.

Step 9

Go to Akheva Ruins and loot Akhevan Brain Stem from Atulinae`Vius. They spawn above the Vex Thal Key Frame Turn in spot. They are on 4-5 min respawn and spawn 3 at a time. Uncommon Drop. I got mine after 3 respawns (9 mobs).

*They can rarely drop of the two Sheleric Vis in Shei’s room also but this is not really a good camp spot*


Step 10

Go to Ssraeshza Temple and loot Shissar Cerebral Cortex from an elite temple guard (confirmed) or a Shissar Arcanist (unconfirmed). Your best best is to mass clear mobs while focusing for those two type of mobs. A tracker helps also. I got mine off an elite temple guard. Uncommon drop.

Step 11

Go to Wakening Lands and find Scout Leader Plavo (-3080, +765) near the Holgresh Lair. Give him Dark Disciples Notice of Service. He will emote. Then say “aid” for another emote:

Optional: You can bind here if you want. You’ll be running to Western Wastes next to kill a raid target then will need to come back here for another turn-in.

Step 12

Go to Western Wastes and find Scout Pirri (+900, 2300). This is a raid boss. Bring a couple of groups. Hail her, she will attack. Hits 2,000+. Kill her and loot Dragon Cerebrum.



Step 13

Go back to Scout Leader Plavo (-3080, +765) in Wakening Lands (Gate now if you bound there in Step 11). Bring a raid force. Give Scout Leader Plavo Akhevan Brain Stem, Shissar Cerebral Cortex, and Dragon Cerebrum to spawn the raid boss Dark Disciple Master.
– Hits for over 1k.
– Lots of HP.
Plavo’s Remains spawns at a certain % HP. Kill it off as you go.
– 4x Minion of the Master spawns also during the fight. Kill them off as you go.

Once Dark Disciple Master dies a chest spawns. Loot Aegis of Chaotic Worship from it.



Step 14

Go back to Nedaria’s Landing and find Tavon Vastsea. He is standing next to the Magus. Give him Aegis of Chaotic Worship. He will give it back and you’ll receive an emote.

Step 15

Go to Borik Darkanvil (-375, +500) in Plane of Knowledge. He is inside the Blacksmthing building. Give him Aegis of Chaotic Worship. He will hand it back and give an emote:


Step 16

Go to The Ruined City of Dranik and find Natvil (+975, -310). Hail him. Receive emote:


Step 17

Collect 3 items:

Bazu Plasma (tradable)
Murkglider Plasma (tradable)
Pyrilen Plasma (tradable)


Bazu Plasma – Drop off Bazu’s in Nobles’ Causeway or Wall of Slaughter. A tracker helps. Uncommon drop.

Murkglider Plasma (tradable) – These drop off various Murkglider type mobs in either Nobles’ Causeway or Wall of Slaughter. I got mine off A murkglider stinger in Nobles’ Causeway – these are located all along the east wall. A tracker helps.  Seems to be a semi-common drop.
**It does not appear to drop off mobs just called “a murkglider”**

Pyrilen Plasma – Drops off a dragorn assassin in Wall of Slaughter. This is a named. PH is a dragorn darkwarrior. These spawn in the Northwest cave. Always drops.


Step 18

Here you’ll either need to level Brewing to 100+ or you can have someone who has high level brewing do the combine for you. The combine is trivial 100 and also requires 100 skill too. I recommend getting to 120+ to lower your chances of a combine failure.

Combine the following in a Brewing Barrel (100 trivial, minimum skill required 100)
Bazu Plasma (tradable)
Murkglider Plasma (tradable)
Pyrilen Plasma (tradable)

To create: Soul Temper (tradable).

Step 19

 Pick up a Water Flask from a merchant somewhere.

Combine the following in a Forge:

Soul Temper
Aegis of Chaotic Worship

Water Flask

This creates  your 1.5 Epic! Harmony of the Soul!


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