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Cleric 1.0 Epic: Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh

The Cleric Epic can be broken up into 3 main pieces.  Orb of Frozen Water Orb of Vapor,  Orb of Clear Water.

1. Orb of Frozen Water

1A. Go to Lake Rathetear and camp Lord Bergurgle. He spawns at the top of the tower in an underwater tunnel. His PH is the middle of the three goblins. Loot  Lord Bergurgle’s Crown24 min respawn. Rare spawn. Always drops.

1B. Head to Shmendrik Lavawalker in Lake Rathetear. He is located in the North Center of the zone. Give him Lord Bergurgle’s Crown. In return, you will receive Oil of Fennin Ro (not needed for epic). This turn-in also spawns an NPC in the nearby hut, Natasha Whitewater. She will roam out and attack Shmendrik Lavawalker. Once she attacks him, kill Shmendrik Lavawalker. Upon his death, a spirit of flame will spawn. Kill a spirit of flame and loot Damaged Goblin Crown. Give the Damaged Goblin Crown to Natasha Whitewater to receive Ornate Sea Shell.

1C. Go to Timorous Deep and find Omat Vastsea (Loc:-11570, -2230). He is located on the south side of the zone at “Oasis Island”. Give him Ornate Sea Shell to receive Coral Statue of Tarew.

1D. Head to Temple of Solusek Ro and find a seeker. There are several in the zone, but the one you are looking for specifically is at +330, +40. He is in a small room on the 2nd floor. To easily find him, go to the back of the zone, then turn left at the fake dresser and go up the stairs. Follow the map below and you’ll eventually you stumble into his small room. Spawns at roughly 7am, despawns at roughly 9pm. Make sure to hand it into the Male version only. Do not hand to female version that spawns at night.

Give a seeker the Coral Statue of Tarew to spawn a plasmatic priest, who attacks immediately and casts an AE. It’s best to either kill him quickly in the hallway or pull him to the zone in so he does not aggro other mobs. Have a couple of friends with you to burn it down quick. Level 55. Easy Kill. Loot Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe (tradable).

1E. Go to Solusek’s Eye (SolA). You will need to kill Lord Gimblox (Loc -800, -365). He is in a small room in the goblin area. He has a single PH spot. 15.5 min respawn. Rare Spawn. Loot Lord Gimblox’s Signet Ring. Always Drops.

1F. Go to Timorous Deep and find Omat Vastsea (Loc:-11570, -2230). Give him Blood Soaked Plasmatic Priest Robe to receive Orb of Frozen Water. This turn-in also spawns Natasha Whitewater nearby in a hut. Give Natasha Whitewater Lord Gimblox’s Signet Ring to receive a new Ornate Sea Shell.

2. Orb of Clear Water

2A. Go to Burning Woods and find Naxot Deepwater at +3385, -2125. Give her Ornate Sea Shell to receive  Message to Natasha. This turn-in also spawns a giant fire elemental Ixiblat Fer at -2050,+1250. Kill Ixiblat Fer and loot Sceptre of Ixiblat Fir. This is a mini boss. It’s best to have at least a few people in PoP era or up to a few groups for earlier eras.

2B. Kill Overking Bathezid in Chardok and loot Singed Scroll. He can be taken out by a group of PoP geared players easily. Just make sure to bring someone with pick lock to get through the door to the royals. 2 hour respawn. Always drops.

2C. Go back to Timorous Deep and give Omat Vastsea (Loc:-11570, -2230) Singed Sroll and Sceptre of Ixiblat Fir to receive  Orb of Clear Water. This turn-in also spawns Natasha Whitewater. Give Natasha Whitewater Message to Natasha to receive Shimmering Pearl.

3.  Orb of Vapor

3A. Go to Nagafen’s Lair (SolB) and find Zordak Ragefire. He is located back in the fire giant area on a ledge underneath a large banner . Give him Shimmering Pearl to receive Zordak’s Box of Bindings and Swirling Pearl. Zordak Ragefire is a 24 hour respawn. If he is not up, you can spawn him in an instance.

You will need to fill Zordak’s Box of Bindings with 4 Pearlescent Fragment. They can be found off any trash mob in Skyfire Mountains. Mass kill trash until you get all 4. They are a rare drop so expect to spend some time here. Combine them in Zordak’s Box of Bindings to create Assembled Pearlescent Shard.

3B. Next, give Assembled Pearlescent Shard to Warder Cecilia, who is on Northeast side of Skyfire Mountains. She will give you  Pearlescent Seal in return and also spawn Zordak Ragefire (human) who needs to be killed. Upon Zordak Ragefire‘s death, the dragon Zordakalicus Ragefire will spawn. Kill him and loot Impure Heart of Zordak Ragefire (2 slot container). The dragon fears and it would be safest to have at least a group of players to kill him in PoP era. Possibly more if earlier eras. He is easy but it’s always better to have more rather than not enough.

– Use the Impure Heart of Zordak Ragefire container and combine Pearlescent Seal (from Warden Cecilia in Skyfire Mountains) with Swirling Pearl (from Zordak Ragefire in SolB) to create Heart of Zordak Ragefire.


3C – Final Turn-in: Go back to Timorous Deep for a final time.  Give Heart of Zordak Ragefire to Omat Vastsea to receive Orb of Vapor. This turn-in also spawns NPC Jhassad Oceanson on the beach. Give  Orb of Vapor,  Orb of Clear Water, Orb of Frozen Water to Jhassad Oceanson to receive  Orb of the Triumvirate. Avater of Water will then spawn in the lake. Give Avatar of Water your  Orb of the Triumvirate to receive Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh!!!